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  • rtryfbar2
    Feb 19, 2014
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      Last weekend Mike and I did not make the trip to Quebec to see the stock car racing at the Kahnawake Marina.  We got 26 inches of snow last week in four different storms, and spent most of the weekend shoveling the driveway over and over.  Good thing I like shoveling!  Pam said that Rick Young made his second visit to Kahnawake this winter.  Mike and I (and maybe Pam) will try again on March 1 if they are still racing.  Since this winter was pretty cold, I'm hopeful they will still be racing in a week in a half.

      I did manage to get my Allentown house that has been for sale for the past four months under contract to sell.  If everything works to plan, closing will be March 7.  It will be good to get that huge project (secure a new mortgage, buy a new house for mom and aunt gin, renovate the house, move mom and aunt gin, clean out the old house, sell the old house) completed before the racing season really heats up.

      This weekend Pam and I are heading to Lake George for the Winter Carnival.  It will be my third trip to that event.  AMEC has ice racing on both Saturday and Sunday.  As of now, we are planning on going to the carnival and the races on Saturday.  Let us know if anyone else is planning on attending that event this weekend.

      I hope all TrackChasers in Florida are having as good a time as it sounds like Edward had during his four days of racing.

      Also I wish Will a good trip to Texas this weekend and hope that Roger's was a success last weekend.

      Guy Smith