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176522013 TrackChaser Report #96--Rockfish (Outer), NC

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  • rtryfbar2
    Nov 5, 2013

      After the heat races on the inner track at Rockfish Motorsports Park, covered in yesterday's report, the racing moved to the outer track, a track I had seen in June.  One change that I noticed since my visit five months ago was that the miniature golf course has been eliminated from the property, and that space used to enlarge the pit area.  That's a good sign for race fans (but a bad one for miniature golf fans).  They still have the U-Haul rentals, Speedway Bingo, flea market, and snack bar.

      In June, there were more Legend Cars than Micro Sprints.  This time, there were more of the Micros, 12-8.  The Micros had two heats while the Legends had one.  The Legends heat was excruciating, as they crashed and spun over and over.  An annoying habit is to hold up the race to work on the cars right on the track.

      I do like the track and the facility though.  The track is every bit as nice as some of the PA Micro Sprint tracks, while the overall facility has a friendly and welcoming feel to it.

      If you recall from the previous report, the show started right on time at 4:00, and they said it had to be completed by 6:30, due to impending darkness.  As the five ten lap heats took over an hour, I thought the chances of running four 30-lap features before dark were less than 50/50.

      Despite starting on time and taking no intermission, my fears were justified.  They had the five heats and the two Buggy features on the short track, but the two main races (Legends and Micro features) were both shortened. 
      The Legends were shortened by ten laps, but the Micro main only completed a few laps before darkness ended the show.  Brian stuck it out until the end, while Mike and I saw the writing on the wall and started heading to Georgia, where we would spend the night and go racing the next day.

      By the way, they do bring in lights and occasionally run night races at Rockfish. 

      2013 Guy & Pam Smith Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 60 / Pam 43

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