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176512013 TrackChaser Report #95--Rockfish (Inner), NC

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  • rtryfbar2
    Nov 4, 2013
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      With mom and her sister now living near me in a beautiful 55+ community in the Poconos, I decided it was time for a "halftime break" weekend and to hit the road with my TrackChasing partner Mike Knappenberger.  Upon return, I will turn my focus into emptying, cleaning, and selling the family homestead in Allentown.  But for now....Let's Go Racing!

      Friday night was high school football night for the 8th time in the ten week regular season.  Unfortunately, our Catty Rough Riders got caught looking ahead to the playoffs and were upset 28-27 in OT, ending their 20 game league win streak and forcing them to share the league championship with a team they scored 62 against in their head to head matchup.  Oh well.  On to the district playoffs.

      On Saturday morning Mike and I headed south to the Rockfish Motorsports Park, a track I had not heard of until a heads-up email from Roger Ferrell in the early part of the year.  Pam and I went there in June.  Until I arrived that day, I didn't know there were two tracks.  Unfortunately for us, rain the day before left the infield flooded and they were unable to ready the short track for racing, and all four classes raced on the bigger track, rather than having two on the short track.  I figured I would return some day.  This was that day.

      I didn't know if they would be using the short track this time or not, but since Mike had not been to either track, it was worth the trip anyway so I didn't even bother to investigate.  We arrived around 3:00 for the 4:00 p.m. start.  As before, admission was $10.  I immediately headed inside and the good news was that this time they would be racing the two Buggy classes on the short track.  The weather was gorgeous, in the low 70's.  Tee shirt weather in November.  What a great afternoon for some late season racing.

      Mike soon joined me inside, and we were then joined by Brian Hickey who also had never heard of the track, until talking to Mike durin gthe week.  With no permanent lighting, they had to get the show in the books before dark at 6:30.  That meant starting on time.  One set of warmups was held for each class, then they had the drivers meeting and started the racing right on time.

      The short track uses the same turns one and two as the bigger track, but turns three and four cut through the middle of the infield, making a small oval that is almost a circle.  The first class to race was the Mini's, for kids under 13.  There were four of those.  There was some action in this class.  The first nine laps went nonstop, but in turn three on the last lap the second place car turned the leader, who flipped.  In a scary moment, the kid lost his helmet in the flip.  Luckily it was just the helmet rolling in the dirt, with no head inside.  The kid turned over his Buggy, put his obviously too big helmet back on, and restarted and finished the race.  In a bit of poetic justice, the one that turned him over couldn't continue.  The second class was the countable Pro Buggy class with no age restriction.  There were eight in this class, and they also ran a ten lap heat resulting in a new track for me, Mike, and Brian.  For me, it was my 60th new track of the year.  I didn't think I'd get to 60, but you never know.

      After three heats on the big track for the other two classes, the two Buggy classes returned to the short track for their  features.  The mains were way too long at 30 laps, and this time, the roll over was in the Pro class.

      The day worked out perfectly for me, as I have now seen and recorded racing on both tracks at Rockfish Motorsports Park.  Next report will recap the racing on my second time to see racing on the bigger track.

      2013 Guy & Pam Smith Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 60 / Pam 43

      2013 Events-- Guy
      88 / Pam 53
      2013 Total Tracks-- Guy
      92 / Pam 57
      2013 Additional Non TC Tracks--Guy
      6 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,5
      37 / Pam 880