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17646El Paso Speedway Park

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  • towbarsunlimited
    Oct 26, 2013
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      Stopped for the night in El Paso and stayed at the track.
      They billed it the first Wild West Shootout. On tap were X mods with an undisclosed payout on Friday night and $5k to win a 40 lap feature on Sat night. 53 mods signed in for Friday night as well as 12 street stocks and 12 legends.
      The races were to start at 7:30 but that is when they brought out all of the mods to roll in the track followed by hot laps.
      The 6 heats for the mods and the 2 heats for each of the other classes went quickly with very few cautions.
      The intermission was supposed to be 20 minutes but lasted quite a bit longer.
      The track is very smooth with multiple grooves and no dust at all. The crowd was very small. It was warm enough but the wind was blowing directly into the stands.
      I made it thru both B mains but because of a time zone change it was now 11:30 (in the CST zone I had been in for a month) so I gave it up for the night. Vince