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17645Re: [TrackChasers] Rallycross event at Pocono (bring a chair)

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  • rtryfbar2
    Oct 25, 2013
      Oops!  Forgot Mike Knappenberger on the Pocono Rallycross list.  Sorry Snakey!  See you tomorrow!

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      I can't imagine where they are talking about when mentioning the hill in turn one where you will be able to see the entire track.  The track diagram (http://www.americanrally-cross.com/uploads/3/2/3/3/3233567/amrc-p_grid.jpg) doesn't seem to help, at least not me.  The reserved spectator area (#8) looks good, but I don't think that is where they are talking about.  The only other spectator area marked on the diagram is next to the paddock near the final turn.  That doesn't look too good for seeing the dirt section.  I'll shlep in the chairs and make the best of it.

      Going that I know of so far:

      Pam Smith
      Guy Smith
      Virginia Schuler
      Edward Corrado
      Chris Tyrrel
      Will White (and his mom)

      I assume Rick Schneider will be there.  Anyone else coming?

      Heats (three rounds) start at 11:00, but the mains (round five) don't start until 4:00.

      Guy Smith

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      Subject: [TrackChasers] Rallycross event at Pocono (bring a chair)

      On their facebook page, the people organizing the Rallycross event at Pocono posted "It has been said to me that spectators can't see the track. I want to make it clear that the VIP spectator area is 100% view with action all around you. The cost for all this, well there is no additional cost. VIP is awesome. You will be on the hill in turn one and see the whole course. Bring your chair, but you may not wanna sit down." They also posted a map and the track uses turmn one of the oval and i s not really anywere near the grandstands, so I think if you want to sit down it is worth following their advice and to bring a chair.


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