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  • Vanden Eynde Roland
    Oct 22, 2013
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      Hello colleagues,

      After the very heavy rains of the Sunday before, which resulted in the Maldegem autocross being abandoned, last Sunday the weather was a lot better. It was almost a second Indian summer, with mild temperatures but an overcast sky. Still, the first of the two extra autocrosses that the Dutch sanctioning body De Kempen held at the Circuit Oude Baan in the rather oddly named village Best, were very enjoyable. The sandy oval was in excellent shape and in the south-eastern part of the Netherlands autocross still is very popular. That resulted in nice quality fields and good racing but how could it not be in a village called Best). The meeting was also well conducted with very small intervals between races and thus ended just before 4.00 p.m. Excellent timing, because only minutes later the heavens opened.

      Next weekend I hope for a similar scenario, when I'll go to this sanctioning body's final 2013 meeting at Casteren. Afterwards, I only have two more tracks firmly scheduled for 2013, but one never knows, as I only discovered Best and Casteren less than two weeks ago.


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