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17637RE: [TrackChasers] Canaan Dirt Speedway, Canaan NH (Tracl #285)

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  • Bruce A. Spencer
    Oct 21, 2013

      I was there too, and it’s not difficult to see why the track has struggled.  It didn’t look like there much in the way of track prep and as you said the show was way, way too long.


      The coupe feature was pretty good, as were most of the other races.  That is what I could see of them through the dust.


      Let’s hope racing does continue at both tracks, but truthfully if the promotion isn’t any better then what is has been it might not make any difference.





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      On Saturday, October 19, 2013 I went to Canaan Dirt Speedway for what may be the last ever race. At least that is what it seemed like up until yesterday when the annoucned they are in negotiations with the new owner to run monthly specials next year. We will have to see if it pans out, but you may get another cnhance to see the track run if you haven't yet. The announcer didn't mention anything about the apved track (at least that I heard). That said, according to the asphalt tracks website there was a meeting on Saturday for "any driver interested in racing Mods next year to have a meeting." Let's hope they run a few specials too! (Especially since I haven;'t seen a race there).

      The race started close to on time at about 1:30 (I didn’t' look at my phone as I had no cell service so I turned it off). However, it didn't end until 9:10! Way too long and at least 50% of the peopel in my area of the stands were long gone when the checkered flag flew on the last race. There was many reasons for the long shoe including the fact that they added heat races for the other divisions (besides the sprints and mods) that were not supposed to have them and track maintenance in a futile effort to control the dust. Really though, it was a little bit of a delay here, a little bit there, etc. and not one big thing. The racign was good otherwise, and I enjoyed the track.

      Because the races went so long and I didn't have anytime to get some needed work done after the races, I headed home and skipped a planned trip to see the off-road trucks at 338 in Massachusetts, so only one new track this weekend for me.


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