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  • rtryfbar2
    Oct 18, 2013

      Mom and Aunt Gin didn't move yet.  We just closed on the house last week.  Indoor and outdoor renovations continue at a furious pace.  Moving day is officially set for Wednesday, October 30.

      Edward Corrado is supposed to be at Canaan tomorrow.  Hopefully you guys can meet up.  Enjoy the show!


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                      Sorry to hear you can’t make Canaan but after moving our mother last year I totally understand.  If any track chasers are planning on being there let me know and I’ll look you up.
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      On Friday Pam and I closed on the house we are buying for my mom and my aunt.  I am very happy that I can finally get mom: 1) Out of Allentown, even though she lives in the family house I grew up in and where she has lived for almost 40 years, the area is not anything like it was when I was growing up there. 2) At age 86 out of a three story house into a smaller single level home.  3) Much closer to me so that I can better take care of her when needed.  The new house is not only in a very nice 55+ residential community, it is less than five miles from our house.  Adding all that new debt at age 53 would not have been my plan, but I had to patiently wait until mom was ready.  I know my pop would approve of what we are doing.

      We finished with the lawyer and relator in time to head to Allentown and have dinner at the old house.  This was likely the last time the four of us would eat there together as a family.  After dinner, Pam and I headed to our old stomping grounds, Catasauqua.  There we watched the 9th ranked PA AA team from Catty High dismantle the defending district champs as they ran their season record to 7-0, and their league winning streak to 18 games.

      On Saturday we were with the contractor that will be doing the renovations on the new house.  We finished with him at 1:00, and luckily, the Bloomsburg University game was at 3:30 instead of the normal 12:00 or 1:00.  We made it to Homecoming at Bloomsburg in time for kickoff, and the nationally 6th ranked in D2 Huskies crushed PSAC rival Millersville, even with their top player on the sidelines for most of the game.

      After leaving Bloom, we headed west, listening to the second half of the incredible Penn State four overtime win over Michigan.  On Sunday morning, we headed to the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Woodsfield, Ohio for the annual Black Walnut Festival.  On the Sunday afternoon program of events was Figure-8 Stock Car racing at 1:00, and a Demolition Derby at 4:00.  I figured that it was a safe bet that with a derby scheduled, they would have entries for the F8 racing.  Not so fast on that.

      We arrived at 11:30.  Admission was just $5.  Beating Pam and I to the infield were Rick "The Champ" Schneider, and Brian Hickey.  We would later be joined by Norm Wagner.  The covered grandstand on the outside of the track was damaged by a storm and part of the roof is missing, thus that was not available for use.  There were bleachers in the infield that would be used for the show.

      Rick asked us if we had been given a flyer upon entry, and we had not.  He showed me his and it said there would be both oval track racing and figure-8 racing.  Hmmm.  Looked like we might get an unexpected bonus track for the second time in three weeks.

      The track was already set up for the oval racing, and it was about a 1/7th mile dirt track.  Although the show was supposed to start at 1:00, they futzed around for an hour with driver meeting, hotlaps, and single car time trials, and the first heat didn't begin until right around the 2:00 mark.  In the interim, Pam and I shared delicious fresh cut french fries, while me and the boys bench-raced until race time.

      The show was run by High Impact Motorsports.  The announcer said that there were 14 cars for the oval track racing, and he said that was the highest number they have had so far.  That led to some investigating, and I learned that this was the third race of the year at the Monroe County Fairgrounds.  On Monday, I checked the High Impact website that they advertised on the side of their truck, and it looks like it has not been updated since the summer of 2012.  What a way to run a business!

      They had three heats of ten laps each.  There were five, five, and four starters.  Three cars from each qualified for the feature.  The next race was a seven lap consie, qualifying two more cars.  Only three cars started the consie.

      The final oval track race was a 15 lap feature.  It was a fun race, but a lot of cars broke, although six were still running at the end.  One of the consie qualifiers won the race.

      The oval track portion of the show only lasted a bit less than an hour.  Only then did they call for driver's to sign up for the F8 race.  They made several calls for drivers to sign up, but didn't really recruit or give them a lot of time before scrapping the event due to only having one entry.

      So we arrived thinking we would get one new track, briefly thought we would get two new tracks, and ended up getting one new track, but not the track we thought we be getting when we got there.  Got that?  Easy come, easy go.  Perhaps I'll give the F8 here another shot next year, but only if High Impact gets their act together a bit better and at least updates their website.

      This coming weekend I planned to go to New England to get one last look at the Canaan Dirt Track as they run what as of now is scheduled to be their last race ever.  But there is just too much going on with the house and move.  We are in the midst of the renovations, which have to be done in time for the move in two weeks.  In fact, Pam and I have deleted all of our weekend trips together from our schedule for the rest of October and all of November, to concentrate first on the move, then fixing up and cleaning out the Allentown house, and finally hopefully selling it in the near future.  If all goes well, we well go to the Catty game on Friday and to one local PA race at Clearfield on Saturday.

      2013 Guy & Pam Smith Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 58 / Pam 42

      2013 Events-- Guy
      86 / Pam 52
      2013 Total Tracks-- Guy
      90 / Pam 56
      2013 Additional Non TC Tracks--Guy
      6 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,5
      35 / Pam 879


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