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17630Re: [TrackChasers] Lancaster Figure 8 races-late 1970s

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  • Will White
    Oct 16, 2013
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      A bit of internet searching revealed further evidence of figure 8 racing
      at Lancaster (NY), not only in 1977-78, but also in 1963. I don't know
      if the 1/4 mile even existed in 1963, so perhaps the first f8 racing
      there was on dirt.

      I also discovered a listing for figure 8 racing at Holland (NY) as early
      as 1977. I don't know if they had the inner f8 built yet at that time or
      if they were using the outer f8 for cars back then.


      On 10/16/2013 5:33 AM, RTRYFBAR@... wrote:
      > Thanks, Andy. I'm sure Will White is interested in this information as
      > well. I wonder if at the time they has a paved "X" as part of the inner
      > trackso that the course was all paved? Maybe some day I'll dig out some
      > Gater News papers from 1977-1978 and see if I can find a picture of the
      > figure-8 racing.
      > Guy
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      > Subject: [TrackChasers] Lancaster Figure 8 races-late 1970s
      > Guy,
      > Apparently there were semi-regular Figure 8 races at the Lancaster, NY
      > speedway in the late 1970s. My brother's list has a Lancaster Figure 8
      > track listed with a 1980c date.The 2nd Edition of National Speedway
      > Directory (1977) had Figure 8 listed as a division under the Lancaster
      > National Speedway's listing.
      > Also, in a 1978 Lancaster Racing Program that I have has a Figure 8
      > Roster listing 24 names and car numbers. So presumably Figure 8 racing
      > took place using the 1/4 mile inside track during the late 1970s.
      > Andy S
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