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173742013 TrackChaser Week 28 Summary

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  • rtryfbar2
    Jul 18 4:40 AM

      (Weekly Listserve Update #133) New race track visits were reported once again this past week keeping the 2013 streak alive at 28 weeks out of 28 weeks. Twenty-two new track visits were added for ten different TrackChasers, all but one from the past week.

      Roland Vanden Eynde added five new tracks for the second week in a row, as he continues on his North American journey. This week Roland added new tracks in Ontario, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Quebec. Roland got to meet Rick Young, Virginia Schuler, Chris Tyrrel, Bruce Spencer, and Rick Schneider for the first time during the week.

      Also finishing up a long TrackChasing vacation was Gordy Killian. Gordy had eight new tracks during the previous week, and added four more this past week in Montana and Oregon to give him a total of 12 new tracks in a 12 day period during the trip. Looks like the bear has awakened from hibernation.

      Guy Smith drove solo to Canada during midweek to meet Roland at Cornwall, then spent the weekend in Tennessee and Kentucky, adding three new tracks along the way last week. Pam Smith added the two weekend tracks.

      Mike Knappenberger joined Roland on the road for six days giving up some new track possibilities to help a friend. That's the kind of man he is. Along the way, he did manage to see two new tracks out of the six races that they visited together. A cancellation at Saint Just cost them each another new track.

      Nancy Brown added one new track in Michigan which became her 20th new track of the year. She is the seventh person to reach 20 new tracks in 2013, which ties the number of people from the group that saw 20 new tracks in 2012 and it's only mid July. I can almost guarantee we will top last year's mark. Others adding a single new track were Brian Hickey from Massachusetts in Tennessee, Edward Corrado from New York in Pennsyvania, Vince Sadowski from Florida in West Virginia, and Will White from Pennsylvania in Texas. For Will, it was his eighth new Texas track in the past three years. Edward also added a track from 2011 that was missing from his track list.

      Finally, "Wannabee" Jeff Sands added one new track as the "Sands Watch" countdown number to 200 tracks is now 12.

      Looks like tracks were added on six of the seven days of the week last week. We would have had new tracks all seven days except Gordy was rained out in Billings, MT on Monday.

      Roland's new track in Connecticut, Vince's new track in West Virginia, and the Smiths track in Kentucky were firsts for 2013. I also missed Dave Garrison's visit to Ohio last week. The group has now covered 33 different states this year.

      Each track visited this past week was already in the database, so no brand new tracks were discovered.

      The 21 new tracks from last week (remember, one was from 2011) brings our total for the year to 374 by 35 people. That's not enough, we want more!




      2013 WEEK 28 ADDITIONS (JULY 8 - JULY 14)

      Tuesday, July 9

      Gordy Killian--Billings Speedway, MT

      Guy Smith--Cornwall Raceway Park, ON
      Roland Vanden Eynde--Cornwall Raceway Park, ON

      Wednesday, July 10

      Gordy Killian--Electric City Speedway, MT
      Roland Vanden Eynde--Kutztown Fairgrounds, PA

      Thursday, July 11

      Roland Vanden Eynde--Thompson Speedway, CT

      Friday, July 12

      Edward Corrado--Lycoming County Fairgrounds, PA

      Brian Hickey--Spring City Raceway, TN
      Gordy Killian--Douglas County Speedway, OR
      Guy Smith--Beechnut Raceway, TN
      Pam Smith--Beechnut Raceway, TN
      Will White--Texas Motor Speedway, TX

      Saturday, July 13

      Nancy Brown--Whittemore Speedway, MI
      Gordy Killian--Madras Speedway, OR
      Vince Sadowski--Summit Point Raceway, WV
      Guy Smith--191 Speedway, KY
      Pam Smith--191 Speedway, KY
      Roland Vanden Eynde--Circuit Ste-Croix Riverside, QC

      Sunday, July 14

      Mike Knappenberger--Circuit Mont-Tremblant, QC
      Mike Knappenberger--Cornwall Speedway, ON
      Roland Vanden Eynde--Circuit Mont-Tremblant


      2013 SUMMARY

      Total New Track Visits Reported--374

      Number of Group TrackChasers With New Tracks This Year--35

      US States Visited for New Tracks--33 (AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VT, WV, WA, WI, WY). US States Not Yet Visited This Year--17 (AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, ID, KS, ME, MD, MA, MO, NH, NM, ND, RI, UT, VA)

      Canadian Provinces Visited for New Tracks--03 (AB, ON, QC)

      Countries Visited for New Tracks--13 (AUS, BEL, CAN, CZE, DEN, DEU, FRA, GBR, HUN, MAR, NLD, UKR, USA)



      Lifetime Group Total of Reported TrackChaser New Track Visits--36,321 (+22)

      Additional "Non TC Classified Tracks"--147 (no change)

      Different Countries in Which Members Have Seen Racing--74


      The following are welcome at any time for those that would like toimprove the information already contained on their personal tracklisting:

      * Dates to listed tracks

      * Modifications to the track names currently listed
      * Information for the "Notes" column for each track visited
      * Tracks for any of the various "Non TC Classified" categories that are outside of TrackChasers group

      Information in the "Non TC Classified" categories will be updated assoon as possible, with preference always being given to the TC stats.

      All TrackChaser group statistics are available at any time on the developmental version of my website at www.roamingtheraceways.com.

      Please report your new track visits in as timely a manneras possible so that all can enjoy and celebrate the travels of theother members of our group that share our hobby. Continue to submityour ideas for changes or improvements to my website and myYahooGroups! listserve. Thank you.

      Guy Smith

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