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  • Vanden Eynde Roland
    Apr 22, 2013
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      Hello colleagues,

      For the third weekend in a row I added a new Dutch autocross track to my list. This time it was the very fast and large clay oval at Pieterzijl.

      It was in bright sunshine, but with a chilly wind, that on saturday morning I got on the way to the most northerly province of the Netherlands, Groningen. Traffic was fluid and I arrived at the track early enough to take a tour of the paddock before the first heats. As this was the first meeting for the Dutch autocross championship, there was a huge field. The 8 divisions drew no less than 223 competitors. Even the usually skinny fields for the buggies drew 18 and 21 starters. Funny was that both buggy divisions were dominated by people having driven as far as me to reach this meeting. In fact, with Patrick Claeys and Patrick Mommen two of my compatriots won. The touring cars drew such a large field that they had to divide the cars into 4 groups in every heat. The track was in excellent condition and the racing was fierce. There was also a rather large crowd on hand.

      Being invited at Aline's place for dinner, I only watched the first and second heats. On the drive south, the traffic was a lot denser and it took me almost an hour more than the drive up north.

      Next week, I'll try to get my new 2013 track total into double figures as I hope to watch racing on four new tracks at three different locations.


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