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    Jul 4, 2012
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      Easy boys. Remember not to lose site that this is a group for friends who share a similar hobby. Here is a complete explanation of how TrackChasers does and always has counted countries.

      From the beginning of the group until the present, we have used the United Nations list of countries to determine what is an independent country. Currently, the United Nations has 193 member states. Many people consider the actual total of countries of the world to be 196 (the politically motivated US government currently considers there to be 195), as there are three other independent countries that are not UN nations. They are Kosovo, Taiwan, and Vatican City. For TrackChasing purposes, the additional three countries are moot at this point anyway, as no one has seen a race in them. Don't hold your breath for a Champ Kart race in Saint Peter's Square!

      Will felt, and I continue to feel, that using the UN country list makes the most sense in maintaining fairness and consistency in counting countries. As we have seen, Colin C. would take a more liberal view and considers England, Scotland and Wales to be all separate countries; whill Colin H. takes a far narrower view and has still not granted Ireland independence (an email from Will yesterday good-naturedly referred to him as an "imperialist") even though they have been independent for nearly a century.

      Great Britain is an island. Politically, it is comprised of the territories that make up England, Scotland, and Wales. Great Britain is not a country.

      The official United Nations country name is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". It has been called that since 1927. It includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It also includes three Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) and 14 Overseas Territories. Any tracks visited in any of those areas would be considered to be part of one country, the United Kingdom.

      Ireland is an island as well. Politically, it is comprised of the independent country The Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland region of the United Kingdom.

      Ireland is an independent member state of the United Nations, and has been so since 1955. Northern Ireland was formed in 1921 as part of the UK. The Irish Free State was formed in 1922, and in 1937 adopted a constitution which replaced the Irish Free State with the country of Ireland. In 1949, the Republic of Ireland Act abolished all ties with the British Monarch in the government of the Irish state. As Roland pointed out, there are many ways that make it clear that the Republic of Ireland is an independent country, separate from the United Kingdom. A good personal example is that the Burger King we visited just miles across the border into Ireland would not accept British Pounds as currency, only Euros.

      Colin, you are incorrect about the previous ruling by Will. You must have missed it when Roland Vanden Eynde (five times), Spike Rixon (three times), Randy Lewis (two times--tracks since voluntarily deleted), Peter Burge (two times), Linda Rixon (one time), Will White (one time), Alan Skinrood (one time), and a couple of the project drivers were credited with tracks in the country of Ireland separate from the United Kingdom. Considering Ireland as a new country now is completely consistent with the accepted world political history and also with the TrackChaser group when Will was statistician. Pam and I thank you for so closely following our racing travels, and congratulate you on your new track in England. I will be most pleased to add it to your track list today or tomorrow. Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any other questions you have that I may help you to clarify.


      Guy Smith

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