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1665Re: [TrackChasers] The Rest of July: #687-689

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  • Randy Lewis
    Aug 2, 2001
      The R rated Kane, PA off road race...? Tell us more.

      --- andy sivi <andycv@...> wrote:
      > Hello Everyone,
      > After my road trip I did not go to any races until
      > Saturday, July 25th, when I went to Rick Schneider
      > Country-Long Island for the Riverhead Raceway oval
      > and Figure 8 tracks. As soon as I parked my car I
      > was very surprised to see Rick Schneider come over
      > to me. He had car problems Friday while leaving New
      > York City. His replacement engine was not running
      > properly so he returned home. It turned out only to
      > be a loose spark plug wire, but by then it was too
      > late to go anywhere else for the weekend. Rick could
      > not remember whether he had ever actually seen a
      > Figure 8 race at Riverhead. He may have always left
      > early on nights with Figure 8 racing. This Figure 8
      > track was Rick's 39th new track in 2001. The racing
      > was exciting but I thought the $17.00 admission
      > price was a bit high. Apparently, it was a special
      > show because of the 30 lap, double points
      > Blunderbust feature and a train race.
      > Last night I picked up my brother in Jamestown, NY
      > and went to the 159th annual Cattaraugus County Fair
      > for Figure 8 racing. It was being held at the Little
      > Valley Speedway, NY. Unfortunately, the Figure 8s
      > were part of an evening of "Jamboree in the Dirt".
      > There were drag trucks and mini tractor pulling on
      > their respective straight lines; also, on a modified
      > oval with jumps, there were 4 classes of ATVs and
      > solo run Tough Trucks. The announcer and his
      > attractive assistant were the ones at the R-rated
      > Kane, PA Off Road Course event earlier in the year.
      > The Figure 8s took a back seat to the other events.
      > The show started at 7:45 with the first Figure 8
      > heat at 8:25. There were 3 heats of 6 cars each. All
      > the cars were big, full-sized cars except for one
      > small car that probably weighed a 1,000 pounds less
      > than most of the others. The small car got pushed
      > around in its heat but won the consi to make the 10
      > car, 10 lap feature where it finished 2nd or 3rd,
      > depending upon which car won the race. When the
      > feature was over at 10:30 there was a disagreement
      > as to who the winner was. The vocal crowd thought
      > car #3 won, but the winner was announced as #320,
      > which may or may not have been a lap down. The
      > Figure 8 races were all entertaining, with very
      > aggressive driving styles.
      > Andy Sivi

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