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16153TrackChaser 2011 Week 35 Summary

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    Sep 1, 2011
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      During the 35th week of 2011, the group added 21 new tracks among 9 different members. There have been new tracks reported in all 35 weeks ofthe year so far. We have now added 525 different track visits for 2011. In addition, ten tracks from before 2011 were added for various TrackChaser Project Drivers.

      The major addition from last week is an Indonesian track for Narain Karthikeyan from early in his career (1995). That is the first-ever track from Indonesia that has been added to our TrackChaser database. This brings the total number of countries visited to 72, while the number of countries where wheel-to-wheel racing has been held but no TrackChaser or TC Project Driver has visited down to 33. Of those 33, a couple are no longer countries, and several others do not currently have any wheel-to-wheel auto racing. Adding a new country to the overall list is a rare thing indeed, and it happened two weeks in a row, thanks both times to Roland first as the traveler, and second as the researcher.

      The only brand new track added was Norm Wagner's visit to the Oceana County Fairgrounds in Hart, Michigan. All other new track visits were at tracks previously in the database.

      All the newly reported tracks from last week have been added to the individual track lists and appear on the website. If you see an error on your track list, let me know and we will straighten it out right away.

      Here's a recap of new tracks reported during the 35th week of 2011 (August 22 - August 28, 2011):


      August 16--Norm Wagner--Little Valley Speedway F8, Little Valley, NY

      In addition, ten track visits were added for four Project Drivers from before 2011


      PJ Hollebrand--Woodstock Fairgrounds Oval, Woodstock, ON CAN


      Allan Brown--Emmett County Fairgrounds, Petosky, MI
      Nancy Brown--Emmett County Fairgrounds, Petosky, MI
      Brian Hickey--Hattiesburg Motorsports Park, Hattiesburg, MS
      Mike Knappenberger--Tri City Speedway Dirt Oval, Auburn, MI
      Mike Knappenberger--Tri City Speedway Dirt F8, Auburn, MI
      Pam Smith--Hillview Tavern Raceway, Esperance, NY
      Guy Smith--Hillview Tavern Raceway, Esperance, NY
      Norm Wagner--Tri City Speedway Dirt Oval, Auburn, MI
      Norm Wagner--Tri City Speedway Dirt F8, Auburn, MI


      Allan Brown--Manistee County Fairgrounds Inner Oval, Onekema, MI
      Allan Brown--Manistee County Fairgrounds F8, Onekema, MI
      Nancy Brown--Manistee County Fairgrounds Inner Oval, Onekema, MI
      Nancy Brown--Manistee County Fairgrounds F8, Onekema, MI
      Ed Esser--Carroll County Fairgrounds F8, Coon County, IA
      Brian Hickey--Leesville 171 Speedway, Leesville, LA
      Mike Knappenberger--Milwaukee Mile RC, Milwaukee, WI
      Pam Smith--Thunder Alley Speedpark, Evans Mills, NY
      Norm Wagner--Manistee County Fairgrounds F8, Onekema, MI
      Norm Wagner--Oceana County Fairgrounds F8, Hart, MI


      Paul Weisel was the first of the four TrackChaser's who saw a race onJanuary 1 to see a new track in 2011. Who will be the last?

      TrackChasers have scored new tracks in 43 different states so far thisyear. Nineteen different TrackChasers were firstto report a state. States listed alphbetically: AL(Smith), AR (Hickey), AZ (Rodda), CA (Eckert), CO (N. Brown), CT (Killian), DE(P.Smith), FL(Eckert), GA (Smith), IA (Hickey), ID (Hickey), IL (Hickey), IN(Ferrell), KY (Knappenberger), LA (Hickey), MD (Killian), MI (N.Brown),MN (Esser),MO (Esser), MS (Weisel), MT (Vanden Eynde), NE (Hickey), NC (P.Smith), NH (Young), NJ(P.Smith), NM(Esser). NY(Corrado), ND (Esser), NV (Killian) OH (Esser), OK (Esser), OR (Brown),PA (Esser), RI (Moore), SC (Smith), TN (Smith), TX (White), UT (Esser), VA (Eckel), VT (Killian), WA (Vanden Eynde), WI (Erdmann). The 7 states yet to be visited this year are: Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Massachusettes, South Dakota, Wyoming.

      TrackChasers have visited 19 countries for racing thus far. Roland Vanden Eynde has seenraces in 17 of those 19 countries: AUS (White), AUT (Smith), BEL(Vanden Eynde), CAN(Knappenberger), DEU (Vanden Eynde), ESP (Vanden Eynde), FRA (Vanden Eynde), GBR (Herridge), GEO (Vanden Eynde), IRE (Vanden Eynde), ISL (Vanden Eynde), ITA (VandenEynde), LUX (Smith), MCO (Smith), NLD (Vanden Eynde), NZL (Weisel), SVK (Smith), TUR (Vanden Eynde), USA (Smith). Sixdifferent TrackChasers were the first to report a country for 2011.

      So far, three Canadian provinces have been visited: British Columbia (Vanden Eynde), Quebec(Knappenberger) and Ontario (Smith); three regions of the United Kingdom are accounted for:England (Herridge), Scotland (Vanden Eynde), and Wales (Vanden Eynde);and four states of Australia: New South Wales (White), South Australia (White), Tasmania (White), and Victoria (White).

      As of 08/28 there have been 525 new tracks reported as visited in 2011for 32 listed TrackChasers in the group. That's not enough, we wantmore!

      Guy Smith—69
      Pam Smith--60
      Roland Vanden Eynde--59
      Ed Esser--56
      Mike Knappenberger—54
      Gordy Killian--34
      Brian Hickey--33
      Will White--20
      Nancy Brown--17
      John Moore—11
      Dale O'Brien--10
      Bruce Eckel--10
      Rick Schneider--10
      Pat Eckel—10
      Allan Brown--9
      Paul Weisel--9
      Rick Young--9
      Norm Wagner--8
      Roger Ferrell--7
      Colin Herridge--5
      PJ Hollebrand--5
      Kevin Eckert--4
      Randy Lewis--4
      Chris Tyrrel--3
      Ron Rodda--2
      Colin Casserly--1
      Edward Corrado--1
      Jack Erdmann--1
      Narain Karthikeyan*--1
      Sammy Swindell*--1
      Eleanor Weidman--1
      Paul Weidman--1

      Please continue to report new tracks in as timely a manner as you areable. That way, everyone can enjoy seeing where the other members ofour group have traveled via the weekly updates. And make sure youinclude all the necessary information that will allow me to accuratelykeep track of your totals. If everyone takes responsibility for theirown information, it will make things easier for me to keep the grouptally and allow more time for me to continue to work on the website andadd new features to make group participation more enjoyable.

      To see the overall rankings, check the www.roamingtheraceways.com website. They are now up to date and included all 2011 submitted track visits.

      Thank you for all the cooperation, support, encouragement, kindwords, suggestions, and concerns regarding these weekly updates and on the developing new group website.

      Guy Smith

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