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    Jun 1, 2011

      Great Weekend! For quite awhile, I was planning to go to Indy this year for the 100th anniversary. I especially wanted to see Clauson run the Speedway in the Indy Lights. He did OK, finishing fifth. Before anyone says: "Not bad for a rookie", an amazing 15 of the 18 drivers in that race were series rookies.

      Once the opportunity arose to go to Monaco with Roland, I decided to take advantage of that and pass on Indy. Although it was the 100th year since the first one, I likely would not have another chance to go to Monaco for the next ten years. If I would have been at Indy, I'm sure I would have taken in that awesome display of race cars you described.

      Thanks for the update. Good luck with your Keystone Legends Tour race on Friday. Bing: Are you racing at Linda's? Hopefully we will see you at Port Royal on Saturday.


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      This past weekend Pete Trumbauer and I towed my Dan Pool owned, Bob Higman
      built #9 USAC midget to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the vintage car
      show in the Pagoda Plaza on the infield of the famed speedway on 'A.J. Foyt
      Day', Saturday, May 28th. As part of the 100th anniversary of the first
      Indianapolis race, invitations were sent to nineteen vintage race car
      owners to display their cars with significant ties to the tradition of the
      Indianapolis '500'. The Pool #9, respectfully referred to by many during
      the day as one of 'Higgy's piggies', was certainly in fast company, lined
      up with the likes of the Andretti-Granatelli STP #1 champ dirt car, the
      Hulman-Ober-Walcott #21 dirt car driven by Elmer George, and #56 Sterling
      Plumbing champ dirt car made famous by Jim Hurtubise, Mutt Anderson's #51
      sprinter, the Engle sprint car, and Wally Meskowski's #9 driven by Johnny
      Rutherford, just to name a few of the high profile big brothers. The
      midgets were also well represented with the Tuffanelli #25 Kurtis-Kraft
      upright and the Tony Saylor #29 Kurtis-Kraft roadster displayed by Indiana
      restorer Fred Johns, the restored Jimmy Davies #1 midget, Ed Picard's
      J.A.P. powered #23 Burd Piston Ring cycle, built by Curly Wetteroth, owned
      by Rudy Adams, and driven with ARDC in 1938 by Henry Banks, Ronney
      Householder's #35 Offy powered Kurtis Kraft now owned by EARHS member Harry
      Hunter, just to name a few.
      The Dan Pool #9 was driven by eight Indy '500' veterans (A.J. Foyt, Pancho
      Carter, Bill Vukovich, Jr., Johnny Parsons, Jr., Stan Fox, Larry Rice, Joe
      Saldana, and Bubby Jones) and eleven of its drivers are members of either
      the National Midget Hall of Fame (A.J. Foyt, Pancho Carter, Bill Vukovich,
      Jr., Johnny Parsons, Jr., Stan Fox, Larry Rice, and Sleepy Tripp) or the
      National Sprint Car Hall of Fame (A.J. Foyt, Pancho Carter, Joe Saldana,
      Bubby Jones, Ron Shuman, and Chuck Gurney). Steve Lotshaw won his first
      career feature in the car in 1976 and went on to become USAC National
      Midget Champion in 1979. The car was also driven by Dana Carter, Gary
      Irwin, Tracy Potter, Clark Templeman, Jerry Weeks, and Billy Wilkerson. It
      also won signigicant eastern USAC races (Syracuse, 1975 with Dana Carter,
      Trenton, 1976 driven by Bill Vukovich, Jr. and Ron Shuman won the last USAC
      sanctioned race ever run at Reading in 1978) Of course, builder Bob
      Higman, worked at Indy as a crew chief for eleven '500' races. Former
      drivers of the Pool #9, Steve Lotshaw and Johnny Parsons stopped by during
      the day, as did former USAC president and car owner, Rollie Helmling.
      Eddie Sachs, Jr. was also a visitor and perhaps the most unexpected
      surprise of the day was a 20-minute chat with midget driver, Neal Carter,
      who teamed with Ralph Pratt to drive the Jimmy White Offies after World War
      II and was a regular visitor and winner on the east coast in AAA doodlebug
      events. The son of Ray Harroun, the first Indy winner in 1911, was also
      walking the race car display area.
      On Friday night, Pete and I attended the Hoosier Hundred on the mile dirt
      at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, caught the Little '500 at Anderson, IN on
      Sunday night, and stopped at Lernerville to kick off USAC's eastern sprint
      car swing on Monday night. Great races all and it was my first visit to
      any tracks since a business trip in March to Charlotte, Chattanooga, and
      Camden, TN allowed me to see late models at Columbus, MS on 3-18 and stop
      for senior champs at Atoka, TN on 3-19. I plan to be at Lincoln for USAC
      sprints on Wednesday night, Linda's for a Legends Tour event on Friday, and
      Port Royal for ARDC midgets and the USAC sprint tour windup o Saturday,
      June 4.
      The Dan Pool #9 will also be a featured car at the General Motors -
      Carlisle show at the Carlisle, PA Fairgrounds on the weekend of June 24-26.

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