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15458[TrackChasers] 8-2 in Australia

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  • Will White
    Jan 4 5:40 AM
      (Colac, VIC, AUS)--The past 4 days have been mostly good, however I unfortunately suffered
      another rainout on Monday night. The Sydney Speedway (formerly Parramatta City Raceway)
      had their big 2-day, $50,000. to win, sprintcar show washed out on January 2-3. Originally
      they were going to reschedule it for Jan. 14-15, which is my New Zealand weekend, but
      tonight I found out they changed their mind and plan to run it on Jan. 7-8. It would now
      be possible (although not easy) for me to go there for the Friday night show. I haven't
      decided yet whether I will do that or not.

      Picking up from my last update, I did make it to Riverland Speedway (Renmark, SA) last
      Saturday night. Sunday I lucked out as the rain held off in Dubbo, NSW, long enough to see
      some racing at Morris Park Speedway. Thus, even if I don't return to Sydney, I will at
      least have already scored a New South Wales track. Monday wasn't all bad though, despite
      the rainout at the Granville track. On my way from Dubbo to Sydney, I stopped in Bathurst
      to drive a lap around the famous Mount Panorama Circuit, which was pretty exciting. It
      must be awesome racing around that track. Coming down the long straight before the final
      turn, I had to resist the urge to slingshot past the 2 slowpoke cars in front of me. I
      also visited the National Motor Racing Museum, located adjacent to the circuit. It was
      nice to see they even have several short track race cars on display in the mainly touring
      car and motorcycle themed museum. After the disappointment at Sydney, I made the long
      drive southwest today to Simpson Speedway (Bungadoor, VIC), which surpassed my
      expectations with some good racing on an interesting track.

      The next couple days I can take it easy (compared to most of the trip) as I'll remain in
      this area of southern Victoria, with no racing scheduled for Thursday. Friday I'll either
      continue to stay in the area, going to the track in Hamilton, or maybe I'll make another
      roundtrip to Sydney, before flying to Tasmania for a brief visit on Saturday, which will
      hopefully result in my seeing races in the sixth and final Australian state.

      Tracks by state: Western Australia (2), South Australia (2), Victoria (2), Queensland (1),
      New South Wales (1).

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