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  • Vanden Eynde Roland
    Apr 6, 2010
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      Hello colleagues,

      My initial idea was to spend the Easter weekend in England, like I did
      so many times in the past. However, I've seen so many tracks active
      during the Easter time that I could only find three new ones. When,
      about a month ago, my Monday track cancelled his race, I decided to save
      a bit of money and stay closer to home.

      Instead of England, it was two trips to the Northeast of the Netherlands
      again. However, the weather would render one of my journeys useless.

      Saturday morning, I braved the rain and the low temperatures and went to
      the little hamlet of Marle, a part of the town of Hellendoorn. There was
      a non sanctioned autocross as part of much larger festivities. On the
      Friday evening there had been an enduro bike race on the greasy and
      heavy clay oval. When I arrived for the 10 a.m. start, the track
      attendants were still busy ironing the ruts and draining the track. It
      was raining heavily and the clay was very slippery. It was not at all
      easy to stay on one's feat in the spectator enclosures. But the track
      attendants did a fine job and with a delay of about 45 minutes, the
      event got on its way. There were three classes and, although this was
      autocross heartland, the fields were small. They drove three heats and a
      final for which the first three in every group qualified. In between
      heats, I ate the tuna and green salad dish, I bought in a Dutch
      supermarket on the way to the races. I also visited the large collection
      of vintage tractors on display in a large tent. Many of them came over
      from nearby Germany, where gatherings of vintage tractors are common.
      The heats were short, although the running was so heavy many a car got
      stuck in the mud. The final was girl power as local driver Sabine van
      der Steen not only won her class, but the final as well. By 3 p.m. the
      whole event was over. It had been cold and rainy all day, so I was happy
      to warm up a bit in the car.

      Monday, I headed in the same direction, but a bit more westerly, to the
      small town of Makkinga. This time the weather was dry, but the rains of
      the previous days had left the field in which the event was scheduled
      looking like a swamp. Therefore the race had been cancelled on Sunday
      evening. I got home again in the early afternoon and had a long walk in
      by now nice sunshine.

      Next week, it's the Northeast of the Netherlands again (hopefully with
      less damp weather), but in two weeks time the new track at Mettet will
      have its inaugural car meeting. A new paved track in Belgium and my
      third countable one in the friendly town of Mettet, is something to look
      out for with much eagerness.


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