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13909Re: [TrackChasers] weekend was good till 1 am today

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  • Allan Brown
    Jun 1, 2009

      Sorry to hear about your incident with the deer. They come out of nowhere don't they.

      We all feel sad for the deer, but things could be worse. Last night on our way back from Knoxville we split at Benton Hardor, Nancy took her carload north towards Holland, while I continued west to Kalamazoo to drop off the people riding with me. Nancy said she came upon an accident. There was a dead deer aside the road, and across the highway was a fellow laying there with people attending to him. The police was just arriving when she went past. Down the road about 700 feet was a motorcycle on it's side. Can you imagine hitting a deer while you're riding a motorcycle when you're traveling 70 miles per hour. Not good.


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