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    Jan 1, 2008
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      Pam and I went 2 for 4 in December...The first weekend of the month we were going to go to Hampton, VA for the Arena Cup indoor races...It would not have been a new track for me but it would have got my December race in the books on the first day of the month...The new kittens had bad colds, and there was bad weather predicted for Sunday, the day we would have had to drive home...Thus we decided not to go, which was a good call since the weather was bad on Sunday

      The second week in December we went to Syracuse for the indoor karts...They have been running there for many years, but they never had Champ Karts before this year...Two showed up at the March race, and I thought it might have been a fluke since they were not a listed class on the entry blank...They were not listed again for the December race, but chatter on 4-Cycle led me to belive that there might be more than two this time...Surprisingly there were 12...Rick Schneider, Mike Knappenberger, Gordy Killian, and Paul Weisel joined Pam and I for this show...A good way to spend a December Saturday...I would go again

      The third week of December was going to be the indoor track in Connecticut...Predicted snow caused a Saturday cancelation of the Sunday show...We were hoping for the cancelation, as there are 11 more chances to go this winter, and the track was probably not countable as new for me anyway...The way the weather turned out, we would not have gone on Sunday even if they would have been racing...But we were relieved and happy when they cancelled

      The fourth weekend of December was the weekend before Christmas and there were no races scheduled...I took Pam to Hershey Park to see the Candy Lane lights and the Christmas show

      This past weekend we made our usual getaway trip between Christmas and New Year, again to Florida this year...We only went to one race...Gordy Killian was also in Florida getting two new tracks, but we didn't see him...We landed in Tampa on Thursday and went to Sonny's for BBQ...Friday we went to a seafood buffet, and then to the movies to see the new National Treasure...Saturday was race day and we went to Moroso Motorsports Park...In the afternoon, they had six races for many classes in a traditional road course format...The?neat thing about this show was that they were having a three hour night enduro from 6:00 to 9:00...I thought this would be interesting, since Moroso is not lighted on most of the course...We left at 4:00 with one race to go in the afternoon session, and drove to West Palm Beach for more BBQ...We got back at 5:45 and cars were on the track...I thought they were having a practice run before the enduro...I soon found out that they started the three hour enduro over an hour early at 4:53...I was looking forward to seeing the start at dusk, but at 4:53 it would still have been sunny so it didn't really bother me...It was still?a lousy thing to do to people who bought $15 spectator tickets and didn't know of the time change...Seeing them race in the dark was neat, and it was really warm so I enjoyed the rest of the race...In fact it was over 80 degrees all four days we were in Florida...Sunday we killed a few hours at an Alligator Park, which was fun...I want to go back next time and take pictures...Then we went back to the seafood buffet again...My two night lobster total was 11...Monday morning we flew home, minus one suitcase (mine) that US Airways has lost

      I'm tentatively planning three trips to Florida in 2008...One Spring, one Summer, one Fall/Winter...This weekend I hope to get the 2008 season underway with a trip with Mike and Paul to see Legends road course racing

      Happy New Year to all TrackChasers...Hopefully we can make 2008 a year of fun and cooperation in TrackChasing, doing positive things for our group and for racing in general

      Guy Smith

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