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11599New Track #262 (Linda #116)

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  • Steve Rixon
    May 1, 2007
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      Managed to tick another one off that’s been on the “to do” list for a while

      Upper Eden Grass Track Banger Club (Bank Head) had been described to me as
      “not worth your 600 mile round trip” ! So when a big Banger meeting in
      Scotland, last Saturday, turned out to have a Bank Head meeting on the
      Sunday, this appeared to be the perfect opportunity. By some of you guys
      travelling standards this was a breeze but it turned out to be a very
      enjoyable road trip in our recently acquired Ford Transit panel van, with
      newly equipped sleeping facilities. Part trip took place on Friday evening
      with the rest of the journey completed Sat morning to Cowdenbeath, Scotland.
      A superb night’s racing at Cowdie and back on the road to knock some miles
      off towards northern England.

      Our arrival at Bank Head, saw several friends with the same idea of visiting
      the track en route home. Before us lay a smallish, egg-shaped grass track
      oval, large tractor tyres and a dirt bank forming the safety fence. The
      racing was a little rough around the edges with fairly small fields of cars,
      non-contact Grasstrackers, semi contact Rookies and full contact Bangers.
      Pretty good racing though at a fairly well run Club Track.

      Only real downsides were an almost total lack of announcer, and the food
      wagon having a permanent queue that moved very slowly. Nice afternoon and
      another UK tracked attained.

      Spike & Linda

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      You're right, the track is easily spotted and is a full quarter mile on
      the inside. I think you meant 2 miles east of Freshwater though; 2 miles
      south would put it in the English Channel.


      colin herridge wrote:
      > The UK track i now have the info i was waiting for its Freshwater on The
      Isle Of Wight a dirt banger track.It can be quite clearly seen on google
      maps about 2 miles south of Freshwater.

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