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10925Re: Ransomville Figure 8

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  • Paul Brauer
    Sep 2, 2006
      Thanks Will,
      So if I understand you correctly...

      -I have already seen many races at Ransomville.
      -I had never seen anything on the inner oval and I really don't know
      if countable racing has ever occured on it.
      -So by what you said in the next to last paragraph, I could count
      the inner oval?

      I'm just an amatuer in track chasing, as many years of working on a
      race team kept me at the same 3 tracks weekly, but I'm more in it as
      a friendly competition w/ some friends....but we do try to use your
      rules as a guideline.

      Thanks for the great site and track information!


      --- In TrackChasers@yahoogroups.com, Will White <trackchaser@...>
      > Paul,
      > Thanks for explaining the new Ransomville track layout to the
      > The Ransomville "figure eight", as they call it, is actually a
      > "double-0" and therefore falls under the "multiple oval" area of
      > TrackChaser rules. For our purposes, a figure 8 is a track with an
      > intersection where the cars change direction at some point. In a
      > double-0 (or "flagpole") race they continue to turn in the same
      > direction (left or right) all the way around the course.
      > The rule is pretty vague, and I believe it should be kept that way
      > because the tracks can come up with so many possible future set-
      ups that
      > we couldn't think of them all in advance. However, I think it will
      > if I try to give everyone an idea of how I will rule in these
      > situations. To date, double-0 tracks have mainly consisted of a
      > permanent outer/inner oval combination, where 2 existing tracks
      are used
      > to former the course. In this case, I am ruling that anyone who
      > already counted either the outer or inner oval can count the
      double-0 as
      > the oval they don't already have. As the rule states, no one can
      count a
      > third track in addition to the 2 ovals. If you don't already have
      > of the 2 ovals, then you can count the double-0 as one of them
      (but not
      > both).
      > According to the rule, we cannot count a double-0 "in addition to
      > track or tracks that comprise it". My interpretation of this is
      that if
      > one of the ovals that makes up the course is not an actual active
      > then you can't count the double-0 as a second track, only as a
      > track. This also applies to any flagpole race, since there is only
      > real track used in a flagpole race.
      > Ransomville used a permanent, active kart track as the inner oval
      > portion of their double-0. My ruling is that both tracks have to
      > active as regular ovals for motor racing, but they don't have to
      > necessarily hold countable racing as regular ovals. The countable
      > would take precedence over the noncountable oval in counting it as
      > "first" track. Thus, at Ransomville, if you had no previous tracks
      > only saw the double-0, you could count it as the outer oval. If
      you had
      > no previous tracks and saw both the double-0 and regular (outer)
      > racing then you can count two tracks (outer oval and inner oval).
      If it
      > was possible to already have 2 ovals at Ransomville (did they ever
      > countable racing on the inner oval?) then you couldn't count the
      > double-0 as a new track.
      > This case reminds me that I never did add the "Track Rulings" page
      > the trackchaser.com web site. I realize it can be frustrating to
      go to
      > one of these events, find that what they called a "figure 8"
      > wasn't, and go away not knowing if you saw anything that counts as
      a new
      > track. Hopefully by posting some of my rulings and rules
      > on the web site I'll be able to reduce the confusion somewhat.
      > Will White
      > TrackChaser Commissioner
      > Paul Brauer wrote:
      > > Last night while walking in the pits at Ransomville I was
      pleased to
      > > learn that there was going to be a figure 8 race. Immediately
      > > the "new track" lightbulb went off!
      > >
      > > As you may know, Ransomville has an inner oval that I believe is
      > > kart track...which shares the front stretch w/ the big track.
      > > the "Figure 8" consisted of starting the (5 enduro-style) cars
      on the
      > > back stretch of the big track. The cars raced thru turns 3&4,
      to the
      > > front stretch, where they dropped on to the inner oval, made a
      > > around it, and then back on to the big track, thru 1&2, etc.
      > > probably ran 10 laps like this. Seemed more like a "Figure Q"
      to me!
      > >
      > > My question is: What is a countable track? The
      Figure "Q"?...The
      > > inner oval?...Both?...Neither?
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