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10922Ransomville Figure 8

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  • Paul Brauer
    Sep 2, 2006
      Last night while walking in the pits at Ransomville I was pleased to
      learn that there was going to be a figure 8 race. Immediately
      the "new track" lightbulb went off!

      As you may know, Ransomville has an inner oval that I believe is a
      kart track...which shares the front stretch w/ the big track. Well
      the "Figure 8" consisted of starting the (5 enduro-style) cars on the
      back stretch of the big track. The cars raced thru turns 3&4, to the
      front stretch, where they dropped on to the inner oval, made a lap
      around it, and then back on to the big track, thru 1&2, etc. They
      probably ran 10 laps like this. Seemed more like a "Figure Q" to me!

      My question is: What is a countable track? The Figure "Q"?...The
      inner oval?...Both?...Neither?

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