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10614#73 - Eldora Speedway , Rossburg, OH - June 9 & 10, 2006

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  • John
    Jul 1, 2006
      Eldora has been on my hitlist for quite awhile. When I got my
      vacation dates, I knew I had to make the trek. The race, of course,
      was The Dream. I love dirt racing when I get a chance to see it. Not
      much of that up here in Maine. I arrived Friday afternoon to
      beautiful weather, and 148 cars ready to compete. The track looked
      very nice. High banked, pleanty of seating. The only drawback is the
      cars in the infield. Why do tracks insist on doing this? I'm glad my
      seat was up high or the entire backstretch would have been difficult.
      Anyway, they started right on time with time trials. I hate time
      trials. And with 148 cars it took awhile, especially because they all
      ran 1 lap then started over and ran another lap. There was no cushion
      what so ever. Several cars would scrape the wall going through the
      turns. They took the fastest 120 and ran the remainder in 2 non
      qualifiers. The racing was OK, but not great.

      Saturday did not look promising. The rain started at 7am. However, by
      1:30 it had stopped. They started on time at 7. They ran 6 heats, a C
      and B feature, then the 100 lapper. Scott Bloomquist won after a late
      race charge.

      Over all, the track was OK. The concessions were good and reasonably
      priced. The PA and scoreboard were top notch. The track was very
      dry/slick. The racing was only fair. I propably won't go back unless
      the sprints are running.