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Thomas Pugh 1806-1887

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  • Francie Workman
    Hi Daniela, I can t get over the fast response to my query. I have been away from researching this line for many years. It always seemed like such a dead
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2010

      Hi Daniela,

      I can’t get over the fast response to my query.  I have been away from researching this line for many years.  It always seemed like such a dead end.  No one seemed to have any information about the Pugh’s although there are a lot of Pugh’s in the Floyd County area where my Grandmother grew up.  She was born in a tiny hollow called Terry’s Fork, very near Check, VA.  I used to ask her about her grandfather.  She said she didn’t know his name.  He died long before she was born.  She was born in 1902.  I asked if they were related to any of the other Pugh’s in the area.  She was very emphatic they were not. 


      A few years back my mother came across the wedding certificate for Thomas P. Hale to Sarah Likens March 6, 1860 .  The Certificate to Obtain a Marriage License listed his father as Thomas Hale and his mother as Sarah Pugh.   On the 1860 Census it shows Thomas Hale 52 and Sarah Hale 35 with a 5year old girl Isabell Likins.  We don’t know if she had been married before and this was her child or a relative/orphan.  They were  living next to a Clower family .   In 1870 Census Thomas and Sally Pugh are found with Eliza 10 and James 8 but no Isabell Likens/Likins.  There are multiple Clower families on the same page and a Mary Likens family.  I feel certain that they are the same people but changed their name between 1860-1870.  Was he a Pugh or a Hale?  Was Thomas Hale his stepfather?


      My grandmother said they were Welsh, Scot/Irish. 

      I have looked at the David Pugh and Richard but just could not connect to them.  Also have done some research in Charlotte Co., VA and Campbell Co., VA on the Pugh line.


      You asked where the DNA testing was done.  It was done thru the National Geographic study.  We have only One match at the 12 marker, which I find unbelievable.  I have done this testing on my father’s side and he had thousands of hits.   My mother’s cousin William McKinley Pugh is our last living male who is the donor. 


      I have joined the Pugh DNA Project, submitted my Gedcom and test results are posted.





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      Hi Frances,


      My ancestor, David Pugh, born 1761 in Richmond County , Virginia moved to Henry County sometime after 1780 and bought land there in 1784 just before it change boundaries and became Franklin County . I have done a little research on Richard Pugh and have always hoped that someone from his line would DNA test. Can you tell me where your Pugh relative took a DNA test. Was his last name Pugh? David Pugh’s DNA is represented by several members of the Pugh DNA project.


      Daniela Moneta

      Phoenix , Arizona

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