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RE: [Tracing_Pugh_Origins] Most Wanted Page/Recruiting

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  • Jeff Pugh
    Hi Mary, First, let me thank you very much for the kind words and support. To answer your question, yes, I thought that it would be nice to have a place (the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 17, 2008

      Hi Mary,


      First, let me thank you very much for the kind words and support. 


      To answer your question, yes, I thought that it would be nice to have a place (the Most Wanted page) where we could give a brief description of the areas of our research that are in need of specific participants and why.  My current vision is that the “Discussion of Results” page will provide our best interpretation of the DNA data in light of what is known with regard to the paper trail research on each of the lines involved in the Project.  The “Most Wanted” page will go one step further in listing ancestors who may or may not be represented in the Project but who’s representation in the Project through living male participation would benefit the Project and further our research.  It would be great if each of our participants, and others who are following the Project, would offer suggestions and ideas on what our research needs may be.  Our long-term goal for the Project is to determine the significance of each of the markers which show deviation within the various lines represented in the Project.  Through thoughtful and informed selection of candidates, we should ultimately be able to determine at exactly which node (or branch point) each of the observed mutations occurred.  This will further allow us to immediately place new participants within the proper lineage or sub-lineage and look for additional markers which may indicate subsequent branching. 


      Obviously this is something that cannot be done by one individual.  In order to do this, we will need the line-leaders that I have discussed in earlier posts and other researchers knowledgeable with regard to paper trail evidence with their specific lines/branches.  When I get the time, I will take a stab at my group, Lineage IIIa.  As with everything I am doing this should not be viewed as a final product.  The only way that I can see us making progress is for each of us to fearlessly put forth information for the world to see and comment on.  In the spirit of cooperation, we will advance Pugh genealogical research.  DNA has opened a huge new door for us to learn new things, confirm old things and correct thing that have long been in error.  I realize it is difficult to try to visualize where we hope to be ten years down the road but each of us needs to actively plan and pursue the research that we believe will bring this puzzle more clearly into focus. 


      I know that I sound like a broken record, but I am amazed at what we have learned with less than 60 data sets.  Half of these are in Lineage I and many of those paid for by participants in our Project and other donors.  It is not a coincidence that Lineage I has the most participants.  Lineage I has benefitted from a very active recruiting effort on the part of Daniela and Kline.  I can take direct credit for recruiting two of the four participants in my lineage.  I have also been trying very hard to recruit participants from the James and Joan (Price) Pugh line and the Ellis and Sinah Pugh line.  When I say trying very hard, I mean actually trying to follow these lines to living representatives and calling these potential candidates on the phone to find out if I indeed have tracked down the right people and explaining our cause and or need for their participation.  I have a handful of these folks who are interested to some degree but just about everyone I speak to is reluctant to spend the money for the testing.  Most think that I am crazy. 


      I went off on a bit of a tangent but, the Most Wanted page is basically what I believe will guide our research effort.  It will be the product of what all of us know and want to know about Pugh genealogy as it might be revealed through DNA.  There should also be a description of the General Fund and its value in recruiting new participants.  I have placed links to allow visitors to make contributions but a more informative discussion of the General Fund may help us gain the cash necessary to purchase tests for those who are willing to submit DNA but not willing or able to pay for the testing.  Obviously each of us can also choose to contribute to the cost of the testing for specific individuals as well. 


      Thanks again for your support,





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      I just noticed a Most Wanted section on the website.  Will this be for Pugh researchers to contribute their most wanted?


      Also, I was thrilled to see all of the helpful links you have provided on DNA and genealogy.  Thank you for them.




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      We now have a new Website at RootsWeb for our Project. It offers much
      more flexibility than the Tracing Pugh Origins site at Yahoo. Our goal
      is to migrate everything we have here to Roots Web. This will not
      likely occur in the very near future. The Roots site will allow us to
      add family genealogy pages that are more easily accessed than what we
      now have. We also have acquired a mailing list (Pugh-DNA) at
      RootsWeb. The URL's for the new site and list are as follows:



      Thanks much,

      Jeff Pugh

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