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Re: Pugh Project - Update to Report No. 3

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  • shannon
    ... hi jeff! i just wanted to let you know that i have been posting message s on local topix boards,to try and find my uncle jerry pugh.he is the only male
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      --- In Tracing_Pugh_Origins@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Pugh"
      <jpughdog@...> wrote:
      > I just posted the updated spreadsheet. There has been quite a bit
      > going on. First, I would like give a big thank you to Kline Pugh for
      > his work with the Lewis and Ann (??) Pugh line. We are beginning to
      > see some trends emerge with regard to mutations at markers that may
      > help us identify specific branches within Lineage I. Kline has
      > applied his many years of research on this line to begin classifying
      > participants according to their DNA results.
      > It is believed that a mutation at marker 458 (value=16) likely
      > indicates that the participant descends from Willoughby Pugh (1734-
      > 1784) and Sarah Bobo. Willoughby was the grandson of Lewis and Ann.
      > It is not yet clear whether this mutation occurred at Willoughby's
      > birth or at a subsequent generation. This mutation could have
      > occurred at the birth of Willoughby's son, Jesse Pugh (1774-1854).
      > Kline's work is helping to guide our research in sorting this out.
      > There are four participants in Lineage I that show no mutations, on
      > at least 37 markers, from the Lewis Pugh modal haplotype. It is as
      > yet unclear if these individuals descend from the same son of Lewis.
      > It is likely that they do not. We expect to discover that some of
      > the mutations that we have identified occurred in the grandson's of
      > Lewis or their ancestors. At this time we do not have enough data to
      > make a strong statement but have placed these four individuals
      > together as possible descendents of John Pugh, another grandson of
      > Lewis.
      > Two participants are known to be descended from Henry Pugh, one of
      > Lewis' sons. These participants each show a single mutation but at
      > different markers. This would indicate that Henry also shared Lewis'
      > DNA profile without mutations and the mutations observed in our two
      > participants occurred in subsequent generations. This tells us that
      > we need to try very hard to find additional participants that descend
      > from Henry. There is much to learn about the descendents of Henry
      > Pugh.
      > One of the things that I am most excited about is the data from our
      > two participants that descend from the James M. Pugh line. Both of
      > these participants descend from Elijah and Ruth (de St. Julien)
      > Pugh. One from their son Isaac and the other from their son Jesse.
      > They match on all but one of 37 markers. One shows a value of 15 at
      > marker 456 while the other shows a value of 16. I have arbitrarily
      > assigned a value of 15 to marker 456 for the James M. Pugh modal
      > haplotype. This may change as Lineage IV grows. Other markers in
      > the modal may also change as we gain participants that connect at a
      > more distant timeframe to the James M. Pugh line.
      > Although rather slowly, the picture is beginning to show some
      > definition. Lineage I is at the stage where we are attempting to
      > define specific branches through the DNA data. This is very
      > challenging and requires knowledge of the paper trail evidence.
      > Fortunately, both Daniela and Kline have that knowledge and Daniela
      > will be traveling to Salt Lake City to do research in the near
      > future. The recent developments in the Lewis Pugh line will give
      > Daniela additional direction as to how best to spend her research
      > hours.
      > Further definition in the Lineage II groups will require additional
      > participants. The same is true for the Lineage III groups. It is
      > wonderful to see Lineage IV taking off. I am hopeful that others of
      > the James M. Pugh line will now join the Project and help us further
      > define this important line in American history.
      > The two biggest things that I am hoping for and working toward is to
      > get some participants from the Hugh Pugh (1712-1754) and Helena Brink
      > line and the Ellis Pugh (1656-??) and Sinah (??) line. If anyone is
      > able to make a contribution to our general fund at FTDNA that would
      > be much appreciated. The use of these funds will help us in our
      > recruiting efforts. We may need to look outside of the genealogical
      > community to gain the participants that we need and that makes it
      > even more challenging. Not only do we have to explain that DNA
      > testing will not violate their privacy but we have to explain why in
      > the world we even care about our heritage.
      > Thank you all for your interest and I cannot tell you how happy I am
      > to report these latest results.
      > Jeff
      hi jeff!
      i just wanted to let you know that i have been posting
      message's on local topix boards,to try and find my uncle jerry pugh.he
      is the only male pugh,besides his son orion,that i believe i know.this
      is all so interesting!!!if i hear from him,i will try and get him to
      participate,as,i believe,i descend from hugh pugh,and helena brink.
      keep in touch!
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