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879Re: [Tracing_Pugh_Origins] FW: Kathy Pugh

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  • Dan
    Jun 18, 2013
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      What is this. Afraid to open...
      Dan Pugh,

      From: Kathy Pugh <kpugh1122@...>
      To: Tracing Pugh Origins <Tracing_Pugh_Origins@yahoogroups.com>; kat2spk <kat2spk@...>; Tracing Pugh Origins owner <Tracing_Pugh_Origins-owner@yahoogroups.com>; cmgreen001 <cmgreen001@...>; dtyler <dtyler@...>; ftcsaa <ftcsaa@yahoogroups.com>; zfernandez <zfernandez@...>; Caroline Emery <Caroline_Emery@...>; FTCSAA Subscribe <FTCSAA-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com>; Anita Werking <neets@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 8:57 PM
      Subject: [Tracing_Pugh_Origins] FW: Kathy Pugh
      wer    http://theintrovertedteen.learningstylesforkids.com/qiyfk/aylggcazmazs/glitjqbwyt/clbbgqrpplwa.php    Kathy Pugh
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