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875Mary Jane Pugh b. Oswestry 1822

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  • devries_cj
    Mar 20, 2013
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      I think I've written before but can't find it.
      My gg-grandmother, Mary Jane Pugh was born in Oswestry when it was in Montgomeryshire, Wales rather than Shropshire, England.
      She came to America around 1840 - possibly with her father, possibly with her brother or both, possibly on her own. As Oswestry is relatively close to Liverpool, that may have been the point of departure.

      She (They) lived in New York for awhile before moving to Columbus, Ohio where she worked as a lady's maid and where she met her husband to be, Charles Irving b. 31 December, 1818 County Tyrone, Ireland.

      A census shows a Jane Pugh (she apparently went by Jane or Mary Jane rather than Mary)in her 20s in the household with a Robert Pugh in his 50s - could have been her father. She had a brother named William who was reportedly very intelligent and a cousin named Evan Evans. Whether they came to America or not is unclear. Charles and Mary eventually moved to rural Mount Ayr, Iowa and remained on that farm until their deaths in December 1893 - Charles and January 1894 - Mary.

      While she was living in Iowa at least, she subscribed to the Presbyterian faith. I don't think Charles was religious.

      If anyone has a clue or a good place to look for a clue, I would be most grateful for any assistance.

      I'd thought my grandfather's family in Sweden was impossible to trace but just recently after decades of hunting, found them ! So I can't give up on Charles and Mary. So if anyone has tips on Irvings in Ireland ..... I'd be delighted for those as well. I know about PRONI, but of course can access only what they have online.

      I am not sure, but they may have been related to the Pugh's of Llanerchydol which is about 31 miles to the SSW of Oswestry.

      Thanks and a good day to all.