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873Pughs Somerset County, PA

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  • meredith_bostwick
    Mar 20, 2013
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      Hi everyone,

      Reaching out to see if anyone my descend from the Pugh family of Somerset, PA.

      The pioneers of the family to Somerset were James Pugh and Mary Hulet Pugh who from legend were eloped in New Jersey and ran away together to Somerset. I have located the homeplace in Somerset whee there exists a family cemetery where the pioneers of the family are buried with some of their descendants. James and Mary had a son Boaz and his son, Hulet. Hulet had a son Silas, who was married to and had 16 children with Anna Sophia Mickey, and both had and several grandchildren.

      James Pugh's father was supposedly an ardent Tory during the american revolution, but did not fair well according to family history. He was in New Jersey at the time of the revolutionary war, and perhaps was a ships captain from Wales.

      I am looking for information about the ancestry of James Pugh who fought in the revolutionary war.

      Thank you.
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