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603RE: [Tracing_Pugh_Origins] Re: need a lot of help

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  • Jeff Pugh
    Apr 11, 2009

      Hi David,


      Is Charlie your most distant Pugh ancestor?  Have you found him in any of the US Census records?  I could not locate him based on the information that you provided.  It is unclear which Pugh line you descend from based on the information presented so far.  Through our DNA Project we have learned that there are likely hundreds or thousands of unrelated Pugh lines.  This is because Pugh comes from the Welsh “ap Hugh” or “son of Hugh.”  As you might imagine there were likely many men in Wales named Hugh when the use of surnames became common about 400 years ago. 


      We have a few lines defined through the DNA Project that extend back to Colonial America.  It would be interesting to see if you connect to any of those. 


      Welcome to the discussion group and good luck in your research.





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      My family is from East Ky.,Ialso have a full blooded Cherokee in my family as well.Charlie or William Charles Pugh.He was from around Cherokee Nc.Right around the turn of the century.Went on the run to east Ky. dueto bloodshed in a taxation revolt.Half of the clan left for Ky.,part of them to Alabama-Georgia,and apparently a few of them went to Missouri as well.I live in Seattle Wa. now, and I can easily see how you can forget about thing's when you have to be on the move.Thank's for dropping me a line,let me know if I can help in any way.Did you know that the first Pugh's in North America pre-date the Mayflower by around 16-25yrs.or so???Also it is a derivative of the name Hugh,because of some gramattical error in Gaelic to English.We even have a coat of arms and everything.Keep in touch

      Mr. David S. Pugh


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