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500RE: [Tracing_Pugh_Origins] Re: Updated Colorized Data Summary Chart

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  • Jeff Pugh
    Apr 28, 2008



      Thanks for the kudos but I really do not deserve all that praise.  I have not done much with the site lately; I have been waiting for others to get involved.  Ruth provided a great write-up for her line on the Most Wanted page.  I was hoping that her work would inspire others to do the same.  We have so many lines represented in the Project now, I have taken a back seat with regard to trying to develop them all myself.  It would be great if representatives of the various lines would step forward and provide a write-up for how they see their recruiting needs.  I have been working with a few individuals on how they might use DNA to resolve their specific issues and would be happy to work with others. 


      I have not done anything with the Discussion of Results pages since my last post requesting assistance.  I expect that I might be asking too much with regard to that.  I promise to do what I can to at least get a draft up of what I think we currently know.  Again it is difficult for me to address some of the lines because I know so little about the paper trail side.  At some point, we really need our participants to interact with us and help us tell the genealogical community what we know through paper trail, what DNA has told us so far and what more we may be able to learn by recruiting the right participants into our Project.  We have two pages so far in the Discussion of Results section and we will likely have about six or so when I get around to writing what is missing.  Any writing help and/or ideas that our members can provide would be much appreciated. 


      The other thing that I would like to continue to develop is the links that you mentioned.  I have been through a procedure with the David and Catherine (Price) Pugh line and I really became too involved in the details.  I think the best approach is for volunteers to provide me with a genealogy page that is basically ready to post.  I can do the formatting but I do not want to get deeply involved in the presentation of genealogical facts.  The reports that are currently up on the site and linked to our spreadsheet were created in Family Tree Maker.  I am sure that other programs can provide similar reports.  If I am given a rich text file (RTF format) I can add the disclaimer at the top and the links at the end, put the background in, format the text font, size and color, make a Web page and post it with links in our spreadsheet.      


      Those are a few things that I think would be helpful in recruiting new participants.  I am always very open to new ideas and improvements to what I have already done.  We can basically do whatever we want with the new site.  It is not as confining as the Yahoo site.  I had tried to get a Pugh-DNA message board but RootsWeb would not grant me one.  They did give me a Pugh-DNA mailing list.  We may not phase out the Tracing Pugh Origins site for some time, I just do not do much with it anymore.  The new site will evolve as it grows.  The Most Wanted page may end up as a list of most distant ancestral couples with links to the write-ups like the one that Ruth did.  In other words, sort of an Index page for the Most Wanted.  This may also be a better approach for the Discussion of Results section.  Otherwise people would have to navigate through six pages trying to find the information on the specific line they want to know the status of.  We could also put links right in the spreadsheet to the Discussion of Results specific to each of the various lineages.  Again, any and all ideas are welcome. 


      Thank again for the kudos.  I suppose that means I have to go to work on the new site now.  I promise to do what I can as soon as I can.






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      I love how you have put the hyperlinks on the Pugh DNA chart for Lineage IIIa and IVb to their genealogies. You must have the best DNA surname chart and website on the Web! You do so much work for the Pugh DNA project; I think we should give you an award!


      Jeff, you are the best!


      I only have two more weeks of school and then I will have free time this summer and promise to help you as much as possible by recruiting new participants for the Pugh DNA project. Your chart makes it easier to recruit.


      I would like to send you some genealogies for my Henry Pugh line in Lineage Ib. I think that David Gough of Lineage Ia might want to participate in this too. Also Francine Vincent, Kline Pugh, and Watson Pugh might want to supply you with their genealogies. I am sending them a copy of this email but I am pretty sure they subscribe to Tracing Pugh Origins.


      Jeff, tell all of us again what we can do to help you with putting information on this website or the new website which I understand will take over from this one. What is your Wish List for the new site? I know that you want to expand the Most Wanted page.






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