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499Re: Updated Colorized Data Summary Chart

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  • Daniela Moneta
    Apr 28, 2008



      I love how you have put the hyperlinks on the Pugh DNA chart for Lineage IIIa and IVb to their genealogies. You must have the best DNA surname chart and website on the Web! You do so much work for the Pugh DNA project; I think we should give you an award!


      Jeff, you are the best!


      I only have two more weeks of school and then I will have free time this summer and promise to help you as much as possible by recruiting new participants for the Pugh DNA project. Your chart makes it easier to recruit.


      I would like to send you some genealogies for my Henry Pugh line in Lineage Ib. I think that David Gough of Lineage Ia might want to participate in this too. Also Francine Vincent, Kline Pugh, and Watson Pugh might want to supply you with their genealogies. I am sending them a copy of this email but I am pretty sure they subscribe to Tracing Pugh Origins.


      Jeff, tell all of us again what we can do to help you with putting information on this website or the new website which I understand will take over from this one. What is your Wish List for the new site? I know that you want to expand the Most Wanted page.






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