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440Lewis Pugh, born 1799

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  • Ivan Darrell Pugh, Jr.
    Mar 4, 2008
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      Hello everybody!

      I got the preliminary results from my DNA test today and I've got
      interesting news. My family has always been led to believe that we
      descended from Robert ap Hugh and Sarah Evans. I've mentioned to
      several of you in private e-mails that I didn't believe this to be
      the case. We now have the DNA evidence that seems to prove it. My
      DNA does not match with the Pughs of Hampshire County WV that are
      know to descend from Robert ap Hugh and Sarah Evans. My DNA does
      match those whose lineage is documented to go back to the David Pugh
      born 1650 in Wales. I can prove with solid paper trail evidence that
      my lineage goes back to Lewis Pugh, born in 1799. The booklet we
      have by Coy Pugh does a solid job describing the descendents of
      Lewis Pugh. I have the paper trail evidence on my lineage that goes
      directly to him. However, he was born in Nelson County, Virginia,
      NOT in Orange County, North Carolina as many have reported (I
      believe it traces back to the inaccuracy in the Maud Pugh book). We
      know that our Lewis Pugh's father and grandfather was a John Pugh Jr
      and John Pugh Sr, and I have a good hunch on who they are and where
      they are from, but I may need some assistance all of you in the Pugh
      DNA Project to prove it with the paper evidence. I think we're going
      to find that my John Pughs were the ones in Virginia all along and
      not the ones in North Carolina as we have been lead to believe.

      I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of my marker results to see where I
      fit in to the grand scheme.

      Ivan Darrell Pugh, Jr.
      Alexandria, VA
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