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374Re: Pugh's of Orange County,VA

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  • Tamara Mitchell
    Oct 4, 2007
      Welcome Sheri,

      The NC line of Pugh's in not of my line, but hopefully some of this
      will help.

      A history book of the Tuscarora Confederacy called:
      < Onkwehonweh-the first people-Tuscarora
      has a wealth of historical information including maps, deeds,
      villages, names, languages, and where the Tuscarora are today has
      recently been written by Marilyn Livingston. It is for sale for $35.00
      plus $6.00tax shipping and handling. To order send check or money
      order to:

      Marilyn Mejorado-Livingston
      Southern Band Tuscarora Tribe
      832 US 13N
      Windsor NC 27983

      In book L-2 page 56 of Bertie County Deeds. James Allen,John Wiggins,
      BillyGeorge,Snifnose George, BileCainCharles Cornelius,Thomas
      Blount,John Rogers,George Blount,Wineoak Charles,Bille Basket, Bile
      Owens, Lewis Tuffdick, Isaac Miller, Harry Samuel,Bridgers Thomas,
      Seniear Thomas Howell, Bille Sockey, Bille Carelius, John Seniear,
      Thomas Baskett, John Cain, Billy Blount, Tom Jack, John Litewood,
      Billy Roberts, James Mitchell, Capt. Joe, William Pugh, as chieftans
      of the Tuskarora Indians, to Robert Jones Jr. attorney of NC
      province,& William Williams & Thomas Pugh gent. of same. 12 jul 1766.
      1800 pounds proclamation. 8000 acreas on north side of Roanoke River,
      joining Deep Creek ( Called Falling Run). Wit. David Standley, Samuel
      Wynnes, James Bate. Sept Ct 1767

      You would most definitely have to study the families of listed below
      and gather as much information on the deeds of these people as I have
      learned that neighbors many times married neighbors, which I am sure
      we all know.

      Thomas Pugh, descendant of Francis Pugh

      Thomas Whitmel who was an Indian trader, who married Elizabeth Bryan,
      daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Bryan.

      The Blount/West families.

      Thomas & Elizabeth Bryan Whitmell's son, Thomas d. 1779 married
      Penelope Pugh 1768.

      The will of Thomas Whitmel:

      North Carolina Land Grant Book 4- #22

      Will of THOMAS WHITMELL Dated 26 Nov 1735/ Probated Dec 1735
      Son Thomas Whitmell plantation where I now live on the Kesia River,
      containing 360a as by reference to a deed to me by Gardner, also 320a
      on Buck Swamp, part of a survey by patent dated Apr 1726, half my stock
      of horses, etc., negroes Jupiter, Catoe, Peter and half of the stock
      used in Indian trade.
      Wife Elizabeth Whitmell all household furniture.
      Dau Martha Whitmell 15# at her marriage or when she is of age, also
      half my trading stock used in the Indian trade, as well as the labor
      of negroes Mingoe, Bess, and Peter.
      Second son Lewis Whitmel 150A adj land devised to my son Thomas and
      lands of John Gray, 320 A on Buck Swamp, being the other half of land
      devised to my son Thomas, also negro Bristoll, one fourth of the
      increas of negro Bess and one fourth part of negroes Phillis and Penney.
      Infant son who shall be baptized William one fourth part of negro Bess
      and Negroes Phillis and Penney.
      Dau Elizabeth Pollock one shilling
      Dau Sarah Whitmell 30# wf negro Bess Dautha martha negro Mingo, one
      fourth of negroes Phillis and Penney, one fourth of the increas of Bess.
      Dau Mary Whitmell the first child of Negro Bess and one fourth part of
      negroes Phillis and Penney
      Ex: wife, son Thomas, John Gray
      Wit: Simon Gale, Gerrard Van Upstall, Mary Cannady

      Ref: The Whitmell Family Bible, 1726 from Historic Woodville
      Whitmel of Bertie, Halifax & Warren Co by Lyndon H Hart III in
      Gammon's ENCF Vol 1.

      Since you had this information, I am sure that much of this is mundane
      to you, but it caught my eye as if you will notice in the above
      information the name of another Chiefton, Bridgers Thomas, which I am
      very curious about, as I descend from Lawrence Bridger of Slimbridge,
      Glouchester England, thru his grandson Joseph Bridger of Isle of Wight
      VA, who came to Virginia in 1652 under the auspices of Col. Nathaniel
      Bacon. Recently he was exhumed and a facial mask is being made for an
      exhibit at the Smithsonian and National Museum of Natural History:
      "Written in Bones: Life and Death in the Colonial Chesapeake" It shall
      be interesting! My direct paternal families (Bridges (they lost the r)
      and Thomas families) settled in Trigg Co. Kentucky and that is where I
      inherited my proven Lewis Pugh line.

      But back to your plight,

      1766 - Tuscarora Land Lease (Bertie County Reservation)
      Allen, James
      Baskett, Billy
      Baskett, Thomas
      Blount, Billy
      Blount, George
      Blount, Thomas
      Bridgers, Harry Samuel
      Cain, Billy
      Cain, John
      Captain Toe
      Charley, Wineoak
      Cornelius, Billy
      Cornelius, Charles
      Dennis, Billy
      George, Billy
      George, Snip Nose
      Hewit, Thomas
      Jack, Tom Lightwood, John
      Miller, Isaac
      Mitchell, Billy
      Mitchell, James
      Netop, Billy
      Owen, Billy
      Pugh, William
      Roberts, Billy
      Rogers, John
      Senaca, John
      Senaca, Thomas
      Sockey, Billy
      Taylor, William
      Tuffdick, Lewis
      Walker, John
      Wiggins, John
      1777 - Tuscarora Land Leases (from Bertie Deed Book "M")
      Basket, William
      Baskett, Sarah
      Baskett, Thomas
      Blount, Edward
      Blount, William
      Bridgers, Samuel (hmmm..)
      Caine, William
      Charles, Wineoak
      Hicks, Sarah
      Mitchell, James
      Owens, John
      Pugh, William
      Randle, John Roberts, William
      Rodgers, John
      Smith, Benja.
      Smith, John
      Smith, Molley
      Smith, Thomas
      Stone, Zedekiah
      Tufdick, Lewis
      Tuffdick, Whitmell
      Tuffdick, Whitmell
      Watt & Gibson


      (From Deeds of Bertie County 1772-1785, Abstracted by Stephen Bradley, Jr.

      296-(314) Articles of agreement between WHITMELL TUFDICK, WILLIAM
      TUFDICK of Bertie Co., chieftans of the Tuscarora Indians on Roanoke
      River to ZEDEKIAH STONE of same. 10 Feb 1777. Sd chieftains were
      desirous that sd STONE should clear land, joining Coniack Neck, TITUS
      EDWARDS, Cesars Island, the river. Sd STONE agrees not to disturb
      to occupy the sd land for the space of 99 years. SIGNED BY: William
      Basket, Molley Smith, Benja. Smith, Sarah Hicks, Sarah Baskett, Watt &
      Gibson, Whitmell Tuffdick, Thomas (x) Smith, John Rodgers, Samuel
      Bridgers, William Roberts, Wineoak Charles, ZEdekiah Stone, John
      Owens, Thomas Baskett, William (x) Caine, Edward (x) Blount, John (x)
      Smith, James (x) Mitchell, John (x) Randle, William (x) Blount, Lewis
      (x) Tufdick, William (x) Pugh, West Whitmell (x) Tuffdick. WITNESSES:
      Thomas Pugh, Jr., Titus Edwards, Thos. Pugh, Sr.. May Court 1777. John
      Johnston Clerk of Court

      297-(315) Whitmell Tufdick, William Roberts, William Blount, Lewis
      Tufdick, John Randal, William Pugh, James Mitchel, Winoak Charles,
      William Basket, John Owens, Thomas Roberts, Walter Gibson, Billy Cane
      chieftans of the Tuscarora Indians in Bertie County to Thomas Pugh Sr.
      of same. 28 May 1777. The lease for 99 years @ 8 pounds per year of
      100 acres, joining Black Gut Neck on Town Swamp, Roanoke River. Signed
      by: Billy (x) Blunt, Wineoak (x) Charles, Ben (x) Smith, Walter (X)
      Gibson, Thomas (X) Roberts, John (X) Ra nndel, Whitmell (x) Tuffdick,
      Billey (X) Cane, Lewis (x) Tufdick, Billey (x) Baskit, William (x)
      Pugh, Williams (x) Roberts, James (x) Mitchell. WITNESSES: Zedekiah
      Stone Jr., Thomas Whitmell Jr., May Ct 1777. John Johntston CJC

      298-(316) Whitmell Tufdick, Wineoak Charles Jr., Billie Roberts, Lewis
      Tufdick, West Tufdick, Billie Blunt Sr., Billie Blunt Jr., John
      Rodgers, John Smith, Billie Pugh, Billie Baskit, John Hicks, Samuel
      Bridgers, John Owens, James Mitchell, Isaac Cornelius, Tom Tomas, &
      Walter Gibson, chieftans of the Tuskarora Indians to Thomas Pugh,
      Willie Jones & William Williams. 2 Dec 1775. For the yearly rent of 80
      Duffield Blankets, 80 Oznatrig Shirts, 80 prs of boots, 50 pounds of
      powder & 150 pounds of shot. 2000 acres which was part of the land
      called the Indian Lands, joining Town Swamp, the old path that leads
      to Unarowick Swamp, James Wiggins, Unrinta Road, Quitana Swamp,
      Rocquist, Jones, Williams, Pugh, excepting 300 acres Watking now
      tends. Signed by: Bille(x)Cain, John Hicks, John Rogers, John(X)Owen,
      James(X)Hicks, Bille(x)Smith, Bille(x)Mitchell, Billie(x)Pugh,
      Wineoak(x)Chalres, James(X) Mitchell, Bille(X)Blunt, Jr.,
      Saml(X)Bridgers, Tom Roberts...

      Stated at http://www.poortown.com/fronts/106frontpage

      "It is interesting to note that a John Cale sold land to Thomas W.
      Pugh about the year of 1787. Thomas Pugh is noted for his transactions
      with the Tuscarora Indians of Bertie County during the 1700s. He
      became one of the largest property owners in the county acquiring
      Indian land."

      "From Sketches of Pitt County, a brief history of the county
      1704-1910. King, Henry Thomas. (c) 1911 Edwards & Broughton Printing
      Company, Raleigh, N.C.. (pp 104-105)


      Third Census—Yankee Hall—Second War With England—Two Pitt Companies at
      Beacon Island—Their Pay-roll—Retreat and Amusing Incident—Fourth
      Census—Occupations—Bridge at Greenville—Greenville Academies—Fifth
      Census—John Joyner.

      The Census of 1810 showed little increase of Pitt's population from
      1800, it being only 85, the total being 9,169.

      About this time some New England tradesmen settled on Tar River at
      Yankee Hall, and it soon became a center of business for much of the
      country to the north thereof.

      There is little record of the men of Pitt in the second war with
      England. North Carolina being far removed from the main seats of the
      war, perhaps not so many of her men took part, and of those who did,
      their history is lost in that of others. North Carolina was invaded in
      1813 and in response to Governor Hawkins' call for troops, two
      companies from Pitt, about 125 men and officers, were enlisted.

      Of one company, George Eason was Captain; Sumner Adams, Lieutenant;
      Samuel Albritton, Ensign; John Allen, Peter Adams, Josiah Daniel,
      Moses Hatton, Sergeants; Thomas Adams, Levin Hall, Samuel Johnston,
      George Knox, Corporals. Of the second, Samuel Vines was Captain; Isaac
      Downs, Lieutenant; William Rountree, Ensign; Benjamin Bell, Elias
      Carr, Willie Clements, Sergeants; Benjamin Johnston, Levy Pearscen,
      Nathaniel Pettit, Moses Turnage, Corporals.

      The field officers were, Hardy Smith, Brigadier General; Howell Cobb,
      Lieutenant Colonel Commander;* William Pugh*, Second Major.

      The privates were, of Captain Eason's Company: Ambrose Arnold, Watson
      W. Anderson, Levin Adams, William W. Andrews, John Baldwin, Miles
      Britton, Noah Buck, William Bryan, Noah Beddard, Henry Barnhill,
      Jonathan Briley, William Brooks, Reading Bell, Stephen Careney, Willie
      Bell, William Cammel, Charles Crisp, William Crawford, William Downs,
      Jesse Dudley, Frederick Dinkins, William Elks, Henry Fulford, Stephen
      Fulford, Reuben Flake, William Galloway, William Highsmith, Thomas
      Holliday, Matthew James, George Killebrew, William Little, Benjamin
      Leggett, Josiah Mills, William Manning, Allen Moore, Asia Moore,
      William Moore, Noah Magowns, William Mitchel, Samuel Nobles, Alfred
      Nelson, William J. Parkston, James Robertson, Reuben Rollins, Richard
      Eaton Rivers, Henry Smith, Luther Spain, Benjamin Shivers, John Tison,
      Jacob Turner, Isaac Turner, William Teal, Willoughby Whitehurst,
      Garison Williams, Solomon Whichard, Calven Herrington."

      Jeff once mentioned that this line was fairly well known, it is..until
      you try to find your part of it.

      Documentation of an earlier deed:
      Tuscarora Chief William "Billy" Pugh is issued land grant on
      Saddletree swamp in northern part
      of Robeson County. (Issued May 9, 1753, North Carolina Land Grant,
      Bladen County, File #415,

      And earlier yet of Daniel of Nansemond:

      Volume 1, Pages 146-147

      Att a Councill held at Yorke Court house
      Jan'r'y 26'th 1690 [1690-91]


      The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq'r
      their Ma's Lieu't Gov'r

      Nath'll Bacon Esq're William Cole Esq're Sec:
      Coll John Page

      M'r William Duckingfield an Inhabitant of North Carolina ac-
      quainting this Board that about the beginning of this Month Eight or
      ten of the Kings and Great Men of the Tuskaroro Indians Complained
      to him that two of their Indians were wanting, and they Imagined the
      English had killed them, but a Maherin Indian being present told them
      that Dan'll Push of Nansimond County in this Government had Sent
      them to Barbados, on which they threatened Revenge, but on his the
      said Duckingfields informing them, that would Cause the English to
      make Warr against them, and it would be better for them to goe to
      the Gov'r of this Place and be would inquire into it and doe them Jus-
      tice, they Seemed Satisfied therewith and said they would goe to the
      Gov'r when the Weather was Warmer, and the said Duckingfield fur-
      ther declaring that being at Nansimond he was Credibly Informed that
      said Pugh had Sent four of the Tuskaroro Indians out of this Country,
      two in one Prout to Barbados, and two in one Tyler to one of the other
      Islands on Consideration whereof Coll John Lear is desired to inquire
      into the same, and take the Examinations and depositions of Such per-
      sons as are knowing therein, and return them to the Councill at James
      Citty the 18'th Feb'r'y next, and that he ord'r the said Push to make his
      personall appearance at the said Councill.


      Thomas Tyler, Indians & Daniel Pugh


      19 Feb. 1690/1
      James City

      Indians on ship

      Thomas Tyler, Master of the Brigantine Swallow of Barbadoes:
      He carried out two Indians last year as per instructions and bill of
      Lading signed to Daniel Pugh of Nansimond County for these Indians.
      Pugh has absconded and sheriff is to find & take him into custody.

      The above can be found at this url only where it was stated by
      McIlwaine in 1925 pages 146-147 and 157-158.

      . . .

      I hope some of this has helped! My question is, it appears you have
      two Pugh lines???? If so, I hope you will share with us. I believe
      Ephraim Seamonds and Mary Pugh might be of our Lewis Pugh line. And my
      second question is, do you have any living Pugh's that would consider
      doing a Pugh DNA kit, from either line as the NC line is not counted
      here? Soon...hopefully.

      Thanks for opening my eyes a little bit more. My best wishes in your
      search and I hope that there are some here who can help you advance in
      your quest!

      Tamara Bridges Mitchell

      --- In Tracing_Pugh_Origins@yahoogroups.com, "sharon" <sherilou7@...>
      > Hi,
      > My name is Sheri and I am new to the group, thank you for letting me
      > join.
      > I am interested in any information on a William Pugh, that in 1769
      > bought 100 acres from Mary and Ephraim Seamonds [Simmons]. I know that
      > Mary's father was William Pugh, but was wondering if this were him or a
      > brother of Mary's or possibly a nephew.
      > I am also searching for a connection to a William Pugh, a Tuscaroran
      > chieftain listed on the Indian Woods, Bertie County, NC land lease of
      > 1767.
      > Any and all help would be truly be appreciated.
      > Thank you,
      > Sheri
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