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Re: [Tracheostomy_infants] JD is Okay...BUT

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    I am so sorry you had to go through this. I just wanted to let you know  that if you are fearful of the effects of oxygen deprivation (maybe not this time,
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      I am so sorry you had to go through this. I just wanted to let you know  that if you are fearful of the effects of oxygen deprivation (maybe not this time, but in the future) there is a new therapy developed by Dr. Seetha Shankaran at Children's Hospital of Michigan. If children are deprived of oxygen for a significant length of time, she pioneered a cooling therapy that prevents the proteins from developing in the brain that are damaged by lack of oxygen. So, if this ever happens, make sure your docs check this out. I think you have a 12-24 hour window for this to be effective.


      On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 13:43:31 -0400, erin32573 wrote

      > We had an emergency life threatening situation with JD develop yesterday afternoon.  It seems JD went through an accidental decannulation yesterday about mid afternoon.  His trach did come out and JD experienced rapid respiratory distress.  We did not have a nurse with us yesterday until nighttime.  Mandy was with JD and by his side through the entire situation and handled the situation completely as she was trained to do.  There was no trouble getting JD's trach back in.  JD did lose consciousness and changed colors due to lack of oxygen for about a short time but as soon as his airway was reestablished with putting the trach in he responded beautifully.  JD was administed about 1 liter of oxygen for about 30 minutes to keep his saturations up and help him with his breathing.  We were able to wean him down to 1/8 of a liter by about nine o'clock last night.  JD experienced life threatening vital signs as for a period there was o2 saturations in the 60's and higher heart rates which stabilized as soon as his airway was reestablished.  We estimate total time of decannulation at about 2 -3 minutes maximum however it seemed like forever.  Let me assure you that JD is fine and had a restful night.  As of today he is breathing room air and not having any oxygen administered. 
      > We called JD pulmonologist like we always do and have been doing daily to keep him abreast of the situation.  We were advised to watch JD and not bring him in.  JD will go to vent clinic tomorrow for a regularly scheduled appointment and undergo a complete physical to determine if he is ready to face surgery for the choanal atresia repair.  We still do not know if this is a go.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have some more answers.  As I have said before we believe this will be a last minute decision to do this surgery.  We ask that everyone stay put and keep there fingers crossed.  We are unsure about yesterdays situation and it might have thrown a wrench into things.  But we dont know.  Again we ask for everyone to pray and stay put.  We will keep you informed when we know more.  At this point we just dont know.  We believe we are very close to this surgery becoming a reality but we just dont know.  This decision rests in the hands of his doctors and ultimately in the hands of God if it is time.  Our faith continues to rest in God to guide us.  I can assure you that God's plan for JD will prevail whatever happens. 
      > All I can say as of yesterday is that Mandy handled the situation beautifully and it is so apparent that God was by her side through the whole situation.  We are very nervous and emotionally distraught as to the events that occurred yesterday afternoon but our complete trust remains in God.  As you can see everyday is serious when it comes to JD and his health.  Our faith remains in God and we have placed the health of both of our children in His hands.  We look to Him for guidance in making decisions and caring for our child when serious life threatening situations like this arise as they have.  We will keep you informed.  We ask for you to continue with your daily lives and pray for us and our children.  Again we will keep you informed. 
      > Until we have more news we remain as servants to a risen Lord who is Christ Jesus.  May the peace, power, love, grace and mercy of our Lord be with all of you.  We remain In His Grip. 
      > In His Loving Hands,
      > David, Mandy, Olivia (19 months) and John David Barton (cHArgEd 19 months)

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