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Anyone need medical supplies?????????????????

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  • Matthew and Leanna Watson
    Hi, My son was decanulated in April after a year and a half with a trach, vent and nurse 16-24hrs a day. It has been a very long road with 2 open heart
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2000
      Hi, My son was decanulated in April after a year and a half with a trach,
      vent and nurse 16-24hrs a day. It has been a very long road with 2 open
      heart surgeries, and all of the complications from those led us to a trach
      and gtube and 8 mos in the PICU out of his first year! But we have survived
      (somehow!). We were VERY lucky to have a very generous insurance company
      who basicly gave us whatever equiptment I requested (or demanded :o) ). We
      ended up with A TON of medical supplies, which we had intended to donate,
      using the tax write off to pay for some of our outstanding medical bills.
      However, after having 2 amazing accountants research the tax laws, unless we
      get an apraisal (costing $4000.00) we can only donate a max of $5,000.00
      worth a year. We have about $20,000.00 of supplies and no room to store it
      all. I know that many who have trached children/loved ones have to buy a
      lot of these supplies and was wondering if any of you would be interested in
      purchasing them from me! You would get a deal and we could get out from
      some of these bills. I have a very long list that includes lots of vent
      pieces, disp. vent tubing, suction tubing, trach masks(for O2), 8 fr sxn
      caths (1500 of them-- NO JOKE-- 1500!!), dale trach ties (infant size), 3.0
      NEO, 3.5PED, 3.0PED trachs, O2tubing, 600 Gibeck HME's, 6 passy muir valves,
      tons and tons of syringes, GTubes (MIC-KEY and others), feeding bags, gauze,
      ..............the list goes on and on and on. If you dont see what you use
      here, EMAIL ME-- we probably have it!! Everything is BRAND NEW! IN STERILE
      PKGS!! This is a very short list!! Please email me if you are interested in
      anything, I am hoping to get all of this stuff out of my house very soon!!!
      Best wishes to you all, and THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. It
      gets easier, you get into a routine, you learn ways to figure out how to
      have a *normal* life, and you look at your child every single day and thank
      God that you are able to do what needs to be done for your baby. The
      laundry will pile up, your husband and you will argue, you will get 2 hours
      of sleep every night for a week, (in 15 minute increments because the pulse
      ox/apnea monitor keeps going off), you will hate the nurses in your home--
      or wish that you HAD nurses in your home.........and you will survive. YOU
      WILL SURVIVE. Email me at: matthewandleanna@...

      mama to Alec, 2�, Tetralogy of Fallot/DORV, pacemaker, asthma, and WILD!!!
      :o) Post: Tracheostomy, Vent, GTube

      Please join us again next year in remembering all those affected by CHD on
      2/14/2001: "A Day for Hearts: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day!"

      ***Be willing to accept joy in the face of adversity***

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