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  • Bobbie Hollis
    Before I give you this link, please understand that you have to be careful and it can be frustrating.  I am an IT tech (retired) and wasn t really going to do
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 9, 2013
      Before I give you this link, please understand that you have to be careful and it can be frustrating.  I am an IT tech (retired) and wasn't really going to do this for those reasons, but the link will be at the end of this post.  

      Scan what you download and also understand that these javame apps sometimes may or may not work exactly the way you want them to.  Some games or apps will not work because the stupid phone throws the app keypad on the screen sometimes covering a vital part of the app screen.  There is a good bit of trial and error.  Some of the books work fine, some don't, but these are free apps in most cases on this site.  The 800 and the 840 both will continually warn you that they are not trusted apps.  I had more success getting some apps for the 800.  These are the reasons I went ahead and bought my Solitaire game from the site the phone browser wants you to use.   The phone even treats the Facebook app from Facebook that way and why I just go to Facebook from the phone browser.

      I haven't gotten around to test creating my own jad files to control those things yet and sometimes only the jar file is available.  I know what I need to do, I just haven't done it yet since I have been seeing how far I could push the 840 file structure.  Photo wise, I have finally found the photo resolution size the phone won't handle.  Also, I'm finding what websites just won't work with the 840 browser and which work beautifully.  Twitter mobile works better for me than the location SNS apps built into the phone, Yahoo, Google, etc., aren't bad.  If the 840 finds a webpage too large, the browser closes and throws you back to the phones main little desktop.   A few sites like ABC actually caused the phone to completely restart.

      Anyway, here is the site which I visit on my pc and then download to the microcard in the phone after I am satisfied the files are clean.  I install them, if it doesn't work, I have the phone delete the app.  The apps I have chosen have never damaged my phone, but I still say be careful.  Oh, some demo apps are there too, but you won't find that out until you enter the app.  Also, beware of the not very nice aka porn types of apps.  There are not a lot of them, but they are there unfortunately mixed in here and there in the lists. 

      Good luck.


      Bobbie aka siamesecougar

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      >Hi Bobbie, can you tell me where I can download some of the JavaMe stuff
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