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Re: Fee for Online Purchase?

If you buy from TF online you get charged E911 and similar fees, plus sales tax, based on your zip code. If you buy in a store you may or may not get charged.
Thomas Dodd
7:38 AM

Re: Fee for Online Purchase?

The only thing "extra" that I've had to pay over the posted price ordering online from TF was the applicable sales tax and any federal fees. Calling TF instead
5:49 AM

Fee for Online Purchase?

I want to purchase the 60 minute 'card' and supersize it with the additional 365 days. I've heard that if I do this online, there is an extra fee. Is this
5:31 AM

Re: Phone? or battery? problem

Thank you Thomas. I drained and recharged, seems OK, acting normally. Nancy
May 24

Re: Phone? or battery? problem

It's not unheard of forĀ  them to get off in the weeds. I'd try fully draining the battery then fully charging.There are calibration apps that can help drain
Thomas Dodd
May 23

Phone? or battery? problem

Yesterday I charged phone (LG x style) about 10am to 77%, late afternoon I needed to make a call (6pm) battery registered 0%. Plugged in to charge after 4 hrs
May 23

Re: SIM card for Canada

Their online systems do not support US addresses for the most part, rendering the cards useless because card verification systems will fail. Five years ago I
Dave Christensen
May 22

Re: SIM card for Canada

Hmmmm... I thought major US credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Amex are accepted worldwide, especially in a 1st-world country like Canada. ... I
May 22

Re: SIM card for Canada

I agree with Dave that you will have to purchase and activate a SIM while in Canada. Even there, the corporate stores may not accept a US credit card. You can
May 22

Re: SIM card for Canada

From my experience, fee companies will send you an activated sim card to a US address, fewer yet will let you establish service online with a US bank card.
Dave Christensen
May 21

SIM card for Canada

I have an unlocked iPhone 5S as my Tracfone in USA. If I go to Canada, I presume I can buy a Canada/US SIM card and use the phone there. Does anyone have a
May 21

File - TracFone_Users Mini-FAQ

Tracfone List Mini-FAQ [Credit for this FAQ goes to James Nipper. If there are any corrections or requests for additions, please e-mail them to
May 20

Re: transfer of TF smartphone accounts to one new BYOP SIM

Thanks for your response. That's pretty much what I figured, but I do enjoy a tracfone challenge sometimes, and my try this with a call ot exec resolutions
May 17

Re: HOW DO I transfer my TRACFONE minutes & days from my LG441G to m

Assuming you got the Sky as an HSN or QVC bundle, there should have been instructions included for activation and service transfer. Picture files on the LG441G
May 17

HOW DO I transfer my TRACFONE minutes & days from my LG441G to my SA

HOW DO I transfer my Tracfone minutes & days and several pictures FROM my LG441G TO my SAMSUNG GALAXY SKY (SM-S320VL (GP) GPSA320VCB?
May 17
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