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53631Re: [Tracfone_Users] DOWNLOADING - Product= amazing3gtrf Version= S738CWYAMC1

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  • Frank Tokarchik
    Nov 4, 2013
      I think you just got an update from Samsung. When I go to "about phone" in "system settings" that looks like the build number.

      On Monday, November 4, 2013 11:44 AM, Mike Schwendeman <mike@...> wrote:
      This morning, I turned on my Samsung Galaxy (Android 4.0.4) Tracfone.
      I was greeted with a notification of a pending download.

      If I wanted to allow, I was to press the DOWN VOLUME button.
      If I wanted to deny, I was to press the UP VOLUME button.

      I pressed the POWER button.
      It proceeded to download!

      On my screen, I see the following text:
      - PRODUCT: amazing3gtrf
      - VERSION: S738CWYAMC1

      Further down, I see the green Android logo, and below the logo, I see:
      Do not turn off target!!

      This same-looking event happened to me shortly after I got this phone.
      Somehow, I allowed the download.
      I let it "download" for 4 hours, saw no change, so I powered it OFF,
      then ON.
      The unit worked normally. I could detect no changes.

      The last time this happened (as described above), I was able to press
      the POWER button to cycle the power. At this moment, pressing the POWER
      button has no effect.

      I did take a picture of the screen, but nothing more would be learned,
      as the description above is fairly complete.

      My question: What is going on??? (What should I do?) (What CAN I do??)

      Thank you! -Mike-

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