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Re: LG34C or Valet Headphone Jack Allow Mic Input?

So you want to use the phone as a monitor? I'd just use a laptop instead. A $100-200 refurb/used machine is more than capable and will have line level stereo
Thomas Dodd
5:54 AM

Re: LG34C or Valet Headphone Jack Allow Mic Input?

Graphic equilizer apps all seem to only work for playback of internal .mp3 files. Audio analyzer (Spectral Audio) apps all only seem to enable the smartphone
4:53 AM

Re: LG34C or Valet Headphone Jack Allow Mic Input?

Like has been said there is a mono microphone input made for wired headsets. Not sure if this is a 3 segment pug made for mono, or a 4 segment plug mad for
8:12 PM

Re: [Tracfone_Users] LG34C or Valet Headphone Jack Allow Mic Input?

Mono input for wired headset. Good luck finding a way to interface to it though. --
Thomas Dodd
6:09 PM

LG34C or Valet Headphone Jack Allow Mic Input?

I have a reqirement for a graphic equilizer at church. I am wondering if the Fuel or Valet headphone jack accepts microphone input? It provides stereo output
4:21 PM

Re: L41c screen protector

Always install the screen protector first. Peel back the bottom sheet (do not remove it completely but just a strip big enough to line it up with the edge.).
3:55 PM

Re: L41c screen protector

That looks like the one I have for my phone. You just put it on the phone and smooth it down as you go. If it needs trimming, you can trim after the phone is
SweetHeart Taurus
May 24

Re[3]: L41c screen protector

Not sure what you mean by it not fitting I'm the case. Does it match the screen? That's what matters. 0n on the screen it's thin and won't interfere. Not
Thomas Dodd
May 24

File - TracFone_Users Mini-FAQ

Tracfone List Mini-FAQ [Credit for this FAQ goes to James Nipper. If there are any corrections or requests for additions, please e-mail them to
May 24

Re: L41c screen protector

Thanks folks for verifying the procedure. I got this unit from Amazon: LG Ultimate 2 Case 3-items Bundle-VGUARD Dual- Layer Hard/Gel Hybrid Kickstand Armor
Jack Taylor
May 23

Re: L41c screen protector

screen protector on the phone, then enclose the phone in the case
May 23

Re: [Tracfone_Users] L41c screen protector

Generally the case makes it harder to install a screen protector. --
Thomas Dodd
May 23

L41c screen protector

I just received a kit consisting of a soft/hard case and a screen protector. Does the screen protector be installed with the phone in or out of the case? Jack
Jack Taylor
May 23

Re: Free Tracfones

I've read reports that the FRIEND1 code expired a few weeks ago. ... BUT, If you use the 5 dollar-off FRIEND1 code at check out, you will be able to get one of
May 23

Re: Free Tracfones

Hi, I agree with hpham_53's suggestion of waiting for a better free phone offer. And, i would add that he fuel has a more modern version of the operating
May 23
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