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  • Alan A. Lew
    ... Subject: Critical Tourism Studies conference - call for papers Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 12:02:26 -1000 From: Irena Ateljevic
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      Subject:Critical Tourism Studies conference - call for papers
      Date:Sun, 03 Oct 2004 12:02:26 -1000
      From:Irena Ateljevic <irena.ateljevic@...>

      Dear colleagues
      We would appreciate your initial expressions of interest.
      30 JUNE - 3 JULY 2005
      Embodying Tourism Research: Advancing Critical Approaches
      The Gender Researchers in Tourism Studies (GRITS) Network, in collaboration with the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute  www.tri.org (Auckland University of Technology), the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff) and the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb are organising an international conference on tourism. The conference will take place at the Excelsior Hotel www.hotel-excelsior.hr  in Dubrovnik 30 June - 3 July 2005.
      Recent discourses in tourism have begun to emphasis the diversity of tourism experiences and processes. Despite this, the conceptual power of gender, race, sexuality and embodiment is underserved by the tourism academy. The Gender Researchers in Tourism Studies (GRITS) network was formed in 2003 in order to promote visibility and inclusivity of all researchers interested in exploring the interplay between tourism, identities, genders, races, sexualities and embodiment. This conference represents a major strengthening of the network's profile and aims to elevate the legitimacy of the critical school of thought developing in tourism studies. The conference is also intended to create opportunities for interpretative and critical modes of tourism inquiry.
      Conference aims:
      *  To foreground 'the situated body' in tourism research.
      *  To promote interpretative and critical approaches to tourism inquiry, with particular emphasis on 'the situated researcher'.
      *   To provide a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and to profile current research in the field.
      *   To facilitate further opportunities for research collaboration and for the mentoring of emerging researchers in tourism.
      Call for papers:
      We would like to encourage papers relating to all aspects of gender, sexuality, race, identity and embodiment as applied to the broad tourism context. We welcome contributions that demonstrate innovative theoretical and methodological approaches. Key themes include:
      *	Performing and constructing identities
      *	Experiencing tourism
      *	Constructing and consuming tourism spaces
      *	Materiality, lifestyle & cultural practices
      *	Representation, language and culture
      *	Masculinity, femininity and the family
      *	Employment practice, experience and entrepreneurship
      *	Epistemological, theoretical and methodological advances
      All abstracts should be written in English and must be not more than 300 words in length. All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review and contributors will be invited to submit full papers for consideration in a special issue of a leading tourism journal.
      Abstracts should be e-mailed to Dr Irena Ateljevic (contributors based in Asia-Pacific and the Americas) or to Dr Nigel Morgan (contributors based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa). Abstracts must include, title, author(s), affiliations, and a summary of the research aims, approach and key findings (maximum 300 words). Please submit abstracts by Friday 14th January 2005 (authors will receive notification of the reviewers' decisions by 1st February 2005). 
      Accommodation range
      Hotel Exclesior (5*; the conference venue)
      Single room with sea view €158 
      Double room with sea view €218
      Hotel Lero (3*; 15 min walk from the venue)
      Single room with breakfast € 71
      Double room with breakfast €92 (€46 per person)
      Conference fee and web site details will be advised soon (by November 2004 at the latest). 
      Conference convenors: 
      Drs Irena Ateljevic & Candice Harris
      Irena.ateljevic@... & Candice.harris@... 
      Drs Nigel Morgan & Annette Pritchard
      nmorgan@... & apritchard@... 
      Dr Irena Ateljevic
      Associate Professor
      Travel & Tourism
      Faculty of Business
      Auckland University of Technology
      Ph. -64-9-917-9999/ext.5830
      Fax. -64-9-917-9975
      E-mail: irena.ateljevic@...
      Tourism Research Institute web site: http://www.tri.org.nz/NZTRI/
      Information that has been imposed upon us by post conditioning 
      limits our perspective and holds us in a box of captivity.
      By going beyond the known - which should be feared 
      - to the unknown - which should be embraced - 
      personal growth is facilitated.

      Untitled Document
      Alan A. Lew, Ph.D., AICP

      Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation
      Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5016, USA

      Editor, Tourism Geographies: An International Journal of Tourism Space, Place and Environment

      Conference: Border Tourism & Community Development, Xishuangbanna, China, 6-9 July 2005

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