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International Hotels Take Action on Environmental Issues

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  • michelle_tolman
    The second annual Hotels Environment Action Month (HEAM) takes place in hotels across the globe throughout September. The initiative is organised and
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      The second annual Hotels Environment Action Month (HEAM) takes place
      hotels across the globe throughout September. The initiative is
      and coordinated by the International Tourism Partnership (ITP)
      through its
      hotel programme, the International Hotels Environment Initiative

      HEAM aims to build awareness among hotel staff, guests and local
      communities of the environmental and social issues that face
      different regions
      around the world. To achieve this, HEAM inspires hotels to involve
      stakeholders in activities that not only communicate the need for
      tourism, but also demonstrate the practical and innovative action
      being taken by hotels worldwide.

      Building on the success of the first HEAM, in which over 700 hotels
      took part
      globally, the 2004 programme is expected to generate an even greater
      response. Activities are split into themes:
      - Practical environmental initiatives;
      - Environmental awareness/ training; and
      - Global environmental programmes.

      Projects planned for September in member hotels include:
      Caribbean and Americas:
      - Accor hotels in Brazil will participate in the Recycling and
      Forum, which facilitates visits to waste treatment centres to help
      people a
      deeper understanding of how waste impacts the environment. As a
      result of
      the Forum, 500 tonnes of waste from Brazilian hotels is sorted
      annually for
      - The Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, will highlight the
      work of
      their "Green Team" during the month with a programme of
      activities centred
      around recycling involving local schools, hospitals and the
      children's club.
      Europe and Middle East:
      - The Sheraton Hotel & Resort in Doha, Qatar, will participate in the
      clean up
      of a local island to preserve the environment and inspire the local
      in association with the United Nations Environment Program `Clean
      Up the
      World' campaign.
      - Activities at Radisson SAS hotels in Finland include participation
      in a
      national energy conservation campaign. Hotels will highlight a
      energy source each day over a period of a week and will pass on
      saving tips to guests and employees.
      Asia and Africa:
      - The activities at the Sheraton Resort in Hammamet, Tunisia, will
      culminate in
      a tree planting event on one of the local main roads. The front of
      the hotel and
      surrounding roads will benefit from landscaping, using palm trees
      in the hotel's greenhouse.

      HEAM was developed in response to ITP members' desire to
      and encourage practical and innovative responsible tourism activities
      taken by hotels. Hotel guests are encouraged to ask which activities
      programmes are taking place and how they can contribute.
      - ENDS-
      "HEAM provides the perfect opportunity to focus, organise,
      gather information
      and share best practices and results from the many social and
      actions taken by our different operations. It is only by measuring
      what we do,
      the results achieved, and communicating the same, that we can
      continue to
      improve our performance as a socially responsible company." Even
      Frydenberg, Vice President Six Sigma Europe Africa and Middle East,
      Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc
      "HEAM gives us an opportunity to profile our internal
      Responsible Business
      programme, which is something we work on all year round. HEAM also
      contributes to creating pride among our employees as we work to be
      corporate citizens throughout the year." Pia Heidenmark-Cook,
      Responsible Business, Rezidor SAS Hospitality

      Kate Martin, Environment and Community Investment Manager, ITP
      Telephone: +44 (0)20 7467 3629, e-mail: kate.martin@...

      Notes for editors:
      1. The International Tourism Partnership (ITP), established in 2003,
      exists to
      inspire and provide global leadership for responsible business in
      travel and tourism. ITP assists hotel, travel and tourism companies
      define and
      build a leadership role in responsible business by providing
      business solutions, contributing to policy dialogues and pioneering
      approaches to changing business and development agendas, see:
      2. A lead programme of ITP, the International Hotels Environment
      (IHEI) was created in 1992 when a group of chief executives of twelve
      national hotel companies joined forces to promote continuous
      improvement in
      environmental performance by the hotel industry worldwide.
      3. ITP is a programme of The Prince of Wales International Business
      Forum (IBLF), a non-profit organisation established in 1990 to
      responsible business practices that benefit business and society and
      contribute to sustainable development. Based in the UK, the IBLF
      internationally, and is supported by financial contributions from
      over 60 global
      member companies from around the world, see: www.iblf.org
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