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TOURISM DYNAMICS series: Call for submissions

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  • valene smith
    -APOLOGIES FOR CROSS POSTING Tourism Dynamics was initiated as a book series in l997 with the philosophy that books are educational tools, and should be
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                             -APOLOGIES FOR CROSS POSTING
      Tourism Dynamics was initiated as a book series in l997 with the philosophy that books are educational tools, and should be available at a price that would enable many students to purchase, read, and even save them - not just single copies to grace a library shelf.  In 4 years we have published twelve volumes, and are proud of the diversity and timeliness of the topics. Three more volumes are currently in preparation, and we now solicit new manuscripts - either single author or carefully edited multi-contributor  We do not consider Ph.D. dissertations per se although the topic is often suitable if carefully rewritten for a more general audience.
          The volumes to date include
         l997 - Donald Getz - Event Management and Event Tourism.              US$59
        1997 - Paul Wilkinson - Tourism Policy and Planning: Case Studies      US$26
                                              from the Commonwealth Caribbean
        1998 - Martin Oppermann -  Sex Tourism and Prostitution: Aspects of
                                             Leisure, Recreation and Tourism                      US$30
         l998 - Alan Lew & George Van Otten - Tourism and Gaming on American Indian Lands
        1998 - Klaus Meyer-Arendt & Rudi Hartmann - Casino Gambing in America  US$30
         1999 -Tej Virv & Shalini Singh: Tourism in Critical Environments         US$30
         1999 - Heidi Dahles & Karen Bras - Tourism and Small Entrepreneurs:          US$30
                                          Development, National Policy and Entrepreneurship Culture
         2000 - Susan Stonich - The Other Side of Paradise: Tourism, Conservation and
                                         Development in the Bay Islands                           US$30
         2000 - Donald Getz - Explore Wine Tourism: Management, Development and
                                        Destinations                                                         US$30
         2000 - Peter Dieke - The Political Economy of Tourism Development in Africa  US$62
         2000 - Lena Mosberg - Evaluation of Events: Scandinavia Experience   US$45
         2001  - Valene Smith & Mary Ann Brent - Hosts and Guests Revisited: Tourism
                                       Issues of the 21st Century                                        US$55
          2001 - Margaret Swain & Janet Momsen - Gender/Tourism/FUN
          200?  - David Harrison,  Tourism and Sustainability in the South Pacific
          200> = Gregory Ashworth & Rudi Hartmann - Horror and Other Human Tragedy

      Series Co-Editor Paul Wilksinson  (Environmental Science, York University) is currently on sabbatical leave. Interested authors are invited to review the publishers web site:
      www. cognizantcommunications@aol com

      and to contact me--
      Valene L. Smith
      Research Professor, Anthropology
      California State University
      Chico CA 95929-0400, USA
      Phone: 530-891-1155
      FAX: 530-345-3881
      Email: vsmith@...
      Home page: http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~vsmith

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