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Second Call: "Tourism, local foods and regional development"

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  • Michael Hall
    Apologies for cross-posting Tourism, local foods and regional development Linnaeus University School of Business and Economics Kalmar, Sweden 30 September - 1
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2013
      Apologies for cross-posting

      Tourism, local foods and regional development

      Linnaeus University School of Business and Economics Kalmar, Sweden
      30 September - 1 October 2013

      Food consumption is an essential part of the tourism experience, and regional foodstuffs and food products is receiving increased importance for rural tourism, regional sustainable development and regional branding and marketing. The international conference “Tourism, local foods and regional development” seeks to further explore these linkages. Papers are invited to cover all aspects of regional foods and tourism, including but not limited to the place of food in rural tourism, current trends in regional food consumption, consumer perspectives on regional foods, perceptions of restaurant owners and chefs, the promotion of local food supply chains, willingness-to-pay for regional foods, food festivals and events, second homes, regional foods, food related entrepreneurship, food product development, regional food and carbon management, IT and food networks, regional food policy, the promotion of food localisation, fair trade and regional development, the role of local food in ethical consumption, the development of intellectual property protection for regional food products, and the branding of regional foods as well as broader issues regarding regional food networks and regional development.

      Researchers from all over the world are invited to present high quality papers on these and related topics. The conference will take place at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden, in connection with the Harvest Festival, a famous regional attraction on the island of Öland near Kalmar. In order to maximise discussions and the academic value of the event no more than 30 papers will be accepted. A selection of the best papers will be included in a research monograph.

      Academic enquiries - Stefan Gössling, stefan.gossling@...

      Practical information - Ann-Christin Andersson, ann.christin.andersson@... +46(0)480-497113

      Conference Website: http://lnu.se/om-lnu/konferenser/aktuella-konferenser/tourism-local-foods-and-regional-development-30-september--1-october-2013

      Professor C. Michael Hall, PhD.
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