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Call for Book Chapters_Rural Tourism: An International Perspective

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  • Carl, Daniela
    ***Apologies for cross-posting *** Dear list members We are pleased to announce a Call for Book Chapters for an edited book entitled Rural Tourism: An
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      ***Apologies for cross-posting ***


      Dear list members

      We are pleased to announce a Call for Book Chapters for an edited book entitled ‘Rural Tourism: An international perspective’. Please find further details below.

      Best wishes





      Call for book chapters

      Title: Rural Tourism: An International Perspective

      Proposals are sought for chapters for an edited book entitled ‘Rural Tourism: An international perspective’, to be edited by Dr Katherine Dashper (Leeds Metropolitan University). A publishing contract has already been secured with Cambridge Scholars Publishing for a collection of research-driven, theoretically informed chapters exploring issues related to rural tourism.  

      The UN has recently highlighted the quickening global trend of urbanization, forecasting that this will accelerate further as developing nations become increasingly urban. This will put extra pressure on urban resources and communities, but will also exacerbate the growing divide between urban and rural areas in terms of economic and social development. Many rural regions are already experiencing fundamental challenges to their ways of life and social fabric, as traditional land-based occupations are in decline and younger and better educated rural residents migrate to cities for greater work, social and cultural opportunities.

      Rural tourism offers a possible solution to some of the problems associated with lost economic opportunities and population decline that accompany the waning of agriculture. Many governments and regional authorities have embraced rural tourism as an opportunity to bring new money into rural regions, stimulating growth, providing employment opportunities and thus beginning to halt rural decline. Rural tourism offers opportunities in terms of accommodation and active countryside pursuits, the latter of which may be well-placed to capitalize on the move away from mass tourism products and a consumer desire for more niche and tailored offerings. However, the possibilities of rural tourism to promote rural regeneration have been criticized for being over-stated and unrealistic. Rural tourism has frequently been found to under-deliver in terms of expected economic benefits and job creation, and rural communities may lack the skills and experience required to successfully attract and satisfy tourists.

      The aim of this edited collection is to question the contribution tourism can and does make to rural regions. Drawing on a range of geographically diverse, research-driven case studies, the book will be thematically organized to explore a variety of issues relevant to rural tourism, from the perspectives of local communities, businesses, government/policy makers and the tourists themselves.

      Proposals are invited for chapters exploring a wide range of issues related to rural tourism. Proposals should promote a critical (re)evaluation of emerging empirical research from a diverse range of tourism perspectives and locations. This book will provide a multi-disciplinary approach and an international perspective. Researchers at all stages in their careers are encouraged to submit.

      The book will be organized around 5 key themes. Submissions are welcome from a range of topics which explore issues broadly related to these themes, including but not limited to:

      ·         Theme 1 – Defining the rural through tourism

      o   Concepts of rural and rurality

      o   Contrasts between ‘rural’ and ‘urban’ in tourism

      o   Constructions of nature and the countryside through tourism

      ·         Theme 2 – Rural tourism in action

      o   Rural tourism experiences

      o   Active tourism and sports tourism

      o   Tourist behaviour, perceptions and meaning-making

      ·         Theme 3 – Wildlife tourism

      o   Wildlife tourism experiences

      o   The role of animals, fish and birds in tourist encounters

      o   The ethics of wildlife tourism and sustainability

      ·         Theme 4 – Rural tourism in developing countries

      o   Case studies of rural tourism in developing countries

      o   Rural tourism as a tool of regional development

      o   Conflict and tension between tourists, tourism providers and local communities

      ·         Theme 5 – The future of rural tourism

      o   Is there a future for rural tourism?

      o   Rural depopulation and skills shortages

      o   Environmental damage

      Expressions of interest in the form of a 300 word (maximum) chapter synopsis and 200 word (maximum) author biographies should be emailed to the editor, Dr Katherine Dashper, at k.dashper@... by 30 April, 2013. All proposals will be subject to peer review.

      Proposed timetable:

      Submission of chapter abstracts: 30 April, 2013.

      Notification for accepted abstracts: 21 May, 2013.

      Deadline for full chapters: 31 October, 2013.

      Date of publication: 2014


      To view the terms under which this email is distributed, please go to http://disclaimer.leedsmet.ac.uk/email.htm
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