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Cultural Heritage and Tourism - new book from Channel View Publications

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  • Elinor Robertson
    Apologies for cross-posting CULTURAL HERITAGE AND TOURISM An Introduction Dallen J. Timothy (Arizona State University) This refreshingly new text combines the
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      Apologies for cross-posting



      An Introduction

      Dallen J. Timothy (Arizona State University)


      This refreshingly new text combines the author’s passion for heritage with the latest research in the area to produce a comprehensive and engaging publication. Readers are offered a rich menu of scholarly analysis, comprehensive listing of heritage sites and an extensive catalogue of references. This book can only be described as a must use text for heritage studies.

      Prof Bruce Prideaux, School of Business, James Cook University


      Cultural heritage is one of the most pervasive tourism resources in the world. Most trips away from home involve some element of culture, and heritage tourism continues to grow each year. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the issues, practices, current debates, concepts, and managerial concerns associated with cultural heritage-based tourism.



      Chapter 1: Cultural Heritage and Tourism

      Section 1

      Chapter 2: Consumption of Culture: Heritage Demand and Experience

      Chapter 3: Heritage Supply: Attractions and Services

      Chapter 4: Spatial Perspectives and Heritage Resources

      Chapter 5: Looking for Something Real: Heritage, Tourism and Elusive Authenticity

      Chapter 6: Tourism and the Politics of Heritage

      Chapter 7: The Need to Conserve the Past: The Impacts of Tourism

      Chapter 8: Protective Legislation and Conservation Organizations

      Chapter 9: Protecting the Past for Today: Heritage Conservation and Tourism

      Chapter 10: Telling the Story: Interpreting the Past for Visitors

      Chapter 11: Planning Principles and Cultural Heritage Destinations

      Chapter 12: Marketing the Past for Today

      Chapter 13: Raising Revenue and Managing Visitors

      Section 2

      Chapter 14: Museums and Living Heritage Centers

      Chapter 15: Archaeological Sites and Monuments

      Chapter 16: Landscapes of the Elite and the Ordinary

      Chapter 17: The Industrial Past

      Chapter 18: Religious Sites and Pilgrimage

      Chapter 19: Diaspora, Roots and Personal Heritage Tourism

      Chapter 20: Indigenous Heritage and Living Culture

      Chapter 21: Dark Tourism and Sites of Atrocity

      Chapter 22: Conclusion


      Dr Dallen J. Timothy is Professor of Community Resources and Development, Director of the Tourism Development and Management Program, and Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University.


      Aspects of Tourism Texts               August 2011 528pp

      Hbk ISBN 9781845411770   £99.95 / US$129.95 / CAN$129.95 / €119.95

      Pbk ISBN 9781845411763   £29.95 / US$39.95 / CAN$39.95 / €34.95


      Available now at 20% discount from: http://www.channelviewpublications.com/display.asp?isb=9781845411763


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