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RE: [TOTAL 2000 Group] Shared Comps locally

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  • Tim Ferguson
    I like to put my two cents in on sharing comps. I live in a rural community, there are two other appraisers who cover the six counties that I cover and we have
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      I like to put my two cents in on sharing comps.
      I live in a rural community, there are two other appraisers who cover the six counties that I cover and we have worked out a system, that has worked very well over the last
      five years. We all use Wintotal and we all have file maker pro. This is how we share are comps database. we have divided the counties up, were each month, we each take our two counties and pull all the data from the courthouse, and enter it in the filemaker pro database. Our database was design, but Todd, who is on this forum. We have a ftp site, where we upload the new data so, the other appraisers can get it. . I myself, can import the data into Totals, with another program, that was design, again, by Todd. This has worked out well and we know that the information is correct, according to public records or if one of us inspected the property.
      As far as sharing the database with other appraisers who do cover our area, but don't live in the area. We will not! I look at it this way, why should I give someone information, that is taking work away from me. When we are the ones who spend all the time getting the information. Now if someone does call and I don't know him or her, I will give them the deed book and page number and then they can go to the courthouse and look it up. If I know the appraiser and then, most likely I will help.

      Tim Ferguson
      Commonwealth Appraisal Corp.

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      Dave B
      Thank you for the AI postings, very good and right on.  I am very interested in a local shared alamode comps database.  I am in a small community which a group of appraisers were sharing comps a few years ago.  I never joined due to several within group which report poor, very poor information.  Would alamode consider developing a shared residential database in which every user would know you gave the info?  This local market has approximately 30 appraisers, of which five to ten are doing the majority of the work. This is very small in the greater national picture.  However if this was the case hundreds of times over in the ruralness of America it would allow the appraisers to keep control of local data.  We have appraisers trying to travel 200 miles into our market.  After finding that there are NO major suppliers of data available in the market, they try to get data from us locals you are trying to make a living within our homeland.  This is not complaining because it is all part of market demand.  Seems like as soon as a Lender sends an appraiser from 200 miles away, it doesn't happen from that Lender til they forget the difficulty of this market.  Most appraisers don't want to come spend three hours in the Assessor Office for a $400 report!
      Thus the 30 appraisers could help this process if the local data was available within a shared alamode database.  (Since alamode has 80% of local market GRIN, this may help get another 20%)
      Roger Wells
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