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Re: LogMeIn Hi Lee. Just a note in case, not likely though, you have missed it. Team Viewer is available in Portable Apps as well. I use the PA version so there is no
James SoCal
10:47 PM
Re: LogMeIn No, you just have to download the software to each computer you want to control (I have 3) and it works.  No one has to be on the computer to authorize the
10:09 PM
Re: New Topic-Total new product offering I'm just getting around to reading all of the train comments.  Lots to think about and consider.  When I have a property near the tracks, I do my best to
4:40 PM
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Re: LogMeIn I use the builtin (as comes with windows) remote connection software. Works over the internet or network. MS has versions from vista up to windows 8.1.
Bill Ritzdorf
1:27 PM
Re: LogMeIn TeamViewer is actually really good but from my understanding is that with TeamViewr you need someone on the other wend to accept the invite (I may be wrong but
1:18 PM
Re: LogMeIn teamviewer is free and actually better. Bob,Robert B. NixonTempe, AZ ________________________________ From: Douglas R. Doudna To:
1:06 PM
Re: LogMeIn I have also used TeamViewer on a regular basis to get my dad out of trouble. Juan Restrepo Phoenix, AZ
Juan Restrepo
12:34 PM
Re: LogMeIn TeamViewer has an iPhone app too! Leland Hill Certified General Real Estate Appraiser AG004947 Real Estate Broker 00811096 Associate Member, Appraisal
12:04 PM
Re: LogMeIn 2 of my kids are computer geeks and they swear by the free version of Team Viewer to keep dad's machine out of trouble. I've been using LogMeIn till
Gary Grantham
12:00 PM
Re: LogMeIn Doug: I really like Team Viewer, which is "free for private use". What's "private"? Well, I guess if it's only you using it - then it's "private". For
11:46 AM
Re: LogMeIn I am running Windows 8.1, but Windows 7 also has the remote access feature. I have not used it, but I know that it exists. I do not know if you have have
Juan Restrepo
11:46 AM
Re: LogMeIn Juan, Since I may be in the computer market soon, which version of Windows lets you have remote access? I liked LogMeIn when I was travelling more because I
Sarah Vetault
11:38 AM
Re: LogMeIn Depending on the version of Windows that you are using you may already have remote access to your computer. Juan Restrepo Phoenix, AZ
Juan Restrepo
10:52 AM
Re: LogMeIn Sorry. LogMeIn allows you to access one computer from another, for instance you can access your office desktop computer from your laptop computer at home, and
Douglas R. Doudna
10:47 AM
Re: LogMeIn What is logmein?
p Nalley
10:36 AM
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LogMeIn Just received an email from Logmein that their free service is no longer available. Since I am a cheap person and loathe to spend money on a program that does
Douglas R. Doudna
10:34 AM
Re: Question re: Condo BTW I also put a note in a narrative area for the subject indicating the source of the unit number since they really "want" the postal address information at
James SoCal
10:10 AM
Re: Question re: Condo Thanks for the info! :) have a great day all! Janice
Janice McNally
Apr 22
Re: Question re: Condo Actually even those with street number addresses have a unit number located in Appendix A for the legal description on page 2 of the Grant Deed. So far I have
James SoCal
Apr 22
Re: Question re: Condo A dash is required for UAD formatting. Use the UAD help function in WinTOTAL for details. -Mike Turner AMCHo
Apr 22
Re: Question re: Condo I would put nothing in the box and explain in addendum that each unit is addressed separately. For purposes of the map program it would work anyway. On Sun,
Judy Wheeler
Apr 21
Re: Question re: Condo I read somewhere that a dash would work. But, doesn't every condo have a unit number in the legal description. Why not type the legal unit number in the unit
Shelley St.Amand
Apr 21
Re: Question re: Condo Were watching Nurse Jackie and Game of Thrones J Gary H. From: Total2000UsersGroup@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Total2000UsersGroup@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
A. Gary Hovanian, SRA
Apr 20
Re: Question re: Condo YAY! Problem solved. DUH! Now I can go watch some Law and Order! Thanks! Janice ... YAY! Problem solved. DUH! Now I can go watch some Law and Order! Thanks!
Janice McNally
Apr 20
Re: Question re: Condo Hi Janice - If the property has no unit number - simply place a dash (-) in the Unit # section. That should solve the UAD problem. Gary H. Long Beach, Calif.
A. Gary Hovanian, SRA
Apr 20
Question re: Condo Hey team, I am appraising a condo where each unit has an address, no Unit #. Of course it is redlined by the new UAD. Do you retype the street number, or is
Janice McNally
Apr 20
Re: Sorry my simple question has caused an uproar! Happy Easter, Celebration of Spring, or whatever............... to all ... -- Judith Wheeler Certified Residential Appraiser 23825 15th Ave SE, #178 Bothell,
Judy Wheeler
Apr 20
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New Topic-Total new product offering Alamode sent out their re-run of product offering however, saw EMC2Data by Savvi an app to our tool bar which is regression adjustments to support value. 
Larry Ribarich
Apr 19
Re: Railroad Info? Detrimental conditions ... do not always equal loss in value. Market (not appraiser) perception is reality’s reality. There are so many factors to consider
Apr 19
Re: Sorry my simple question has caused an uproar! Ron et. al., As one who has been in this business for 40+ years, as far as I'm concerned, whether you are a techie, use a legal pad, iPad, Disto, measuring
Craig Holdiman
Apr 19
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