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Beantown Camp Discount Date this Week [Boston, MA, USA]

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    It s Beantown s 15th year and of course we have to make it the most awesome ever! With the stellar line-up of teachers, bands and DJs, it is a can t miss! The
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2011
      It's Beantown's 15th year and of course we have to make it the most awesome ever! With the stellar line-up of teachers, bands and DJs, it is a can't miss!

      The teachers:

      * Ryan Francois & Jenny Thomas
      * Sylvia Sykes
      * Peter Strom
      * Skye Humphries
      * Naomi Uyama
      * Michael Jagger & Evita Arce
      * Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau
      * Mike Roberts & Laura Glaess
      * Eric Fenn
      * Richard Badu
      * Daryl Begin & Jennifer Stout
      * Joel Domoe & Melanie Myers
      * Dan Newsome & Gaby Cook
      * Chris Nickl & Shirley McAdam
      * Andrew Thigpen & Karen Turman
      * Marc-Andre Vachon & Catherine Desjardins
      * Ben Yau & Sheri Kang

      That's a lot of awesome!

      The bands:

      * To start - Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hilary Alexander! Not just one night, but for two! That alone is awesome!

      * Can't miss Gordon Webster's band featuring Naomi Uyama! A Beantown favorite. Camp wouldn't be the same without them:-)

      * Rounding out the live music is the Boston Swing Express, a new collaboration from some of our favorite local musicians with Mike DiBari on his Swingin' guitar and an expanded version of his Swingtet. In addition, Boston's own first lady of Swing, Toni Lynn Washington will be featured on vocals.

      That's already a lot of awesome. But there's more...

      * Mike Thibault heads up our outstanding DJs who include Dan Newsome, Mary Freitag and Alain Wong. Peter Strom will be back hosting a late night Soul Party, a not-to-be-missed Beantown highlight.

      Even that's not all! Minds are working, plans are formulating, there's more to come!

      Discounted tuition fees end on May 9. That's also the date full payments are due for those who have paid a deposit.

      Camp runs from June 23 to June 30 with multiple registration options on the New England coast just north of Boston. If you have always wanted to come to Beantown, this will be a phenomenal year to do so. If you've never done the full week, do it in 2011. There is just too much that you won't want to miss!

      The website is continually being updated with the latest info.

      WEB : http://www.BeantownCamp.com/
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/beantowncamp
      Twitter : @BeantownCampUSA
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