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  • Mark
    Tor, it s the best catfood ad song I ve heard since Meow Mix. ... was ... like ... superior ... Step
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 11, 2004
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      Tor, it's the best catfood ad song I've heard since Meow Mix.
      --- In Tor_Hershman@yahoogroups.com, "TOR" <dhershman00@h...> wrote:
      > And the big (but not in the least surprising) news is, Tor & The
      > TorTones entry in the Fresh Step/Scoop Away "Kitty Ditty" contest
      > not chosen as a finalist.
      > Frankly, I would have passed-out if it had been.
      > I put our version in the files, [list as: D O N E.mp3 ] if you'd
      > to have a listen.
      > You can listen to the MUCH better jingles that were chosen.
      > They are so catchy and cleaver.
      > Greatly superior to our submission.
      > *sarcastically rolls eyes*
      > You can hear for yourself, if you can take the staggeringly
      > commercial potential.
      > http://www.freshstep.com/
      > Wood be with Thee,
      > TOR
      > Oh, BTW: When the felines were wee they were, exclusively, Fresh
      > cats.
      > Now, they're Tidy Cat fur-persons, for the most part.
      > It depends on that month's sale-price for a scoopable litter.
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